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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by SamuraiGio, Apr 1, 2020.

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  1. SamuraiGio

    SamuraiGio Fresh Spawn

    Thread Title: ban appeal

    Username: SamuraiGio

    Punished by: CombatGuitar

    Date punished: 2020-04-01

    Punishment type: permaban

    Punishment length: till apocalipsis
    Reason: Xray


    Hello dear reader, I hope you have good day.
    First I want to say to thank for whole Conspiracy Administration and community for that nice and lovely place that they gave to us and for their professional work.

    Unfortunately, for my mistake and desire to start working on project as fast as possible, I twice used x-ray on the server, first time31.03.2020 for 1 hour(mined 1.5 stack diamond and dozen of emeralds and some other resources) then for second and ironically last time02.04.2020 for 1-1.5hour about (gathered 2-3 stack diamond and other resources) , secondtimeI was noticed by administration and CombatGuitar fully legally banned me.
    I want to say IT WAS ONLY MY MISTAKE AND FULL RESPONSIBILITY IS ON ME. I do not blame anyone, only myself.
    I fully understand value of rules. They make any community’s life better, but sometimes they are excessive, I think that I have chance to be given for redeem my fault.

    1. I didn’t make anything bad for other players.
    2. From the first day on this server till 31.03.2020 I was playing like other players(without anything forbidden). Grinding like others does, you can check my base and see how I try harded.
    3. I played on Conspiracy 2 years ago and just started again(Old nick:AstronautKitten. I can’t prove my words. It’s on you reader belive or not.)
    4. Reason to use X-ray was to get enough resources for a beacon. I’m not planning to sell them and become richer.

    5 stack diamonds gattered illegally aren't reason for the permanent ban,
    even I only had positive thoughts and din't make any negative effort on other people and my surroundings, but anyways I broke the rule and sorry for that, all of us MUST respect rules of community, but same time community must take every new fatal action personally and understanding, all actions of rule breaking, are unique and can't be judged by one law.

    That moment when administration teleported me for public Punishment and after I realized what happened to to I fell shame on me, only thing that I was thinking was “shame on you idiot, what they will think about you now? That you are f*ing toxic kid who doesn’t respect others” I felt shame for my mistake, I felt that my reputation is minus infinity, this probably sounds unnatural but that what I felt that moment.
    If my appeal will be accepted anyways ban will be for 30 days, I have no idea what will be in one month, MC=ConspiracyCraft for me but I know once flame in my heart again will be lightened and I will come back on Conspiracy.
    If this appeal will be declined, I fully understand administration.

    Dear reader, that is my letter and I want to tell you, never cheat, love others respect them, only that’s how we can survive in this hard time.

    Player - SamuraiGio
    Good Luck.
  2. CombatGuitar

    CombatGuitar Mod Staff Member

    Thank you for taking your time to write an appeal. When I spoke to you in-game, you were just as apologetic as you are now in your appeal and those are the things I look for when accepting/denying an appeal. You admitted your mistakes and apologized for them and didn't try deny the fact you cheated. I'll be reducing your ban to a 30 Day Ban and I hope to see you back on the server in a month's time with no cheats.
    Appeal Accepted!
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