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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by IconsumesDucks, Mar 26, 2020.

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  1. IconsumesDucks

    IconsumesDucks Fresh Spawn

    Hello moderators and fellow players,
    before i get to the main body of my apology, i think it is fitting that i give a small amount of context.

    I recently purchased minecraft less that a week ago as i was lonely during coronavirus quarantine and wanted to play with my friends. I had not played on any other minecraft server, or even played minecraft before, but was recommended the game and this server by friends. I promptly discovered the appeal of the game, figuring out the servers mechanics and constructing farms and bases with friends. I often payed visits to the 'Lulu' shop, spending long amounts of time clicking the attack button and holding right click to eat so as to not die in order to get bones to help expand crop farms back at my base. I had the idea of automating the process, but discovered that taping down left click doesn't deal damage, and thus wrote a quick script in python to click around once every 0.6 seconds(the number i found did the most damage in tests) and left it running.

    I checked to see if i still had food left and discovered that i had been banned permanently for auto-clicking. It was then when i discovered this site along with it's rules, which in hindsight make sense to prevent inflation and lag. I apologize for my use of cheating and do not deny my use of python to 'auto-click'.
    I know realize it should of been my responsibility to try and find this site and its rules and to ask others if it was okay to do what i did. I understand my actions negatively impacted the server by breaking the rules and promise to not do so again.

    I have since read all of the rules and wish to plea for a second chance and for my ban to not be a permanent one. I appreciate the work moderators put into this server and understand you must get a lot of cries for a second chance and thus understand if you ignore my plea.
    I thank you in advance for your time and await your response.
  2. wheelchair

    wheelchair Fresh Spawn

  3. Sami_Darkangel

    Sami_Darkangel Conspiracy Bot Staff Member

    Thank you for taking the time to write this appeal, and for your honesty.

    Though players are typically required to follow a certain format in their appeals, I've decided to save you the trouble of doing that. I'm willing to give you another chance, but I'm afraid I can't simply unban you. What I can do is reduce the permanent ban to just 27.875 days, so that's what I've done. You seem like a nice person, so I hope to see you back in a month. In the meantime, please take a look at our rules page (at least once) to familiarize yourself with what's allowed and what isn't. :)
  4. EXPERT1970

    EXPERT1970 Member

    people are starting to use corona virus as an excuse to get unbanned? lmaoo
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