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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by vvonders, Mar 21, 2020.

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  1. vvonders

    vvonders Fresh Spawn

    Minecraft username: vvonders
    Discord : v e e#3157
    Punished by: Hewitt
    Date punished: January 12th 2020
    Punishment type: Ban
    Punishment length: Permanently
    Reason: I wrongfully blackmailed, and had extremely toxic behaviour.
    Plea: I'd like to first of all, apologize. I know what I did may not be forgiven by all of you and I understand that, but I at least ask you to read this. I would like to try to redeem myself, for not only the server but for my friends, family as well as myself and I would like to start by appealing to be part of the discord community again. I would like to prove to you all I'm trying to change for the better and in doing so I ask for a chance from all of you. I will cause no trouble and I understand if this is accepted, this is the last of all chances. I want to rejoin to prove to you guys that I can be a better part of this community and maybe eventually have my punishment in the server itself revoked, which would mean a lot to me. I know my mistakes are inexcusable and that's not what I'm asking, I'm asking for not only the staffs but everyone I have hurts forgiveness or at least a chance to redeem myself. So I please ask, I know I've manipulated far too long and I want this to end here, so please give me a chance to prove myself again. I appreciate to all who took the time out of their day to read my appeal.
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  2. BDJ

    BDJ Fresh Spawn

    +1 I think that you deserve an other shot!
  3. wheelchair

    wheelchair Fresh Spawn

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  4. +1 I think you deserve another chance. Good luck hope u get unbanned :)
  5. claude1

    claude1 Fresh Spawn

    To elaborate on why and also why everyone here should see why vvonders' permanent mute on CC and permanent ban on Discord be appealed. Firstly, to readdress old news and what she has done previously, she has been warned, muted and tempoarily banned numerous times due to her threatening and inappropriate messages and behaviours both CC and its Discord. The biggest highlights before the January case was racism, in voice chats (so they nothing is recorded) and ingame, and has make a couple of players quit the server. According to vvonders' appeal, she claimed to have only blackmailed and had toxic behaviours. However, this is only a fraction of what happened before the FINAL strike. She has badmouthed me and slandered me and my family, leaking personal information and photos without consent and twistimg things out of proportion. She has dragged the entire situation onto multiple servers so that rules won't work on her. And onto CC's Discord, she has used the platform to take out-of-context screenshots and bring in literal spies to further the damage. Vvonders is notorious for starting drama and believes she can just get away with it. But overtime, as the player base grows, more are starting to catch up. And she is naturally aggressive to those who aren't on her side. And if you think that this just some sibling feud, I can gurantee you that this is far from that that it's sabotage from this point. Vvonders has at times admit to creating negative impact and cyberbullying during her time around. This time is no exception. Her actions are inexcusable and chancss have been given. If you have nothing against what I said or that I'm wrong, feel free to comment this and give everyone the "other side" of the story. I'm sure that there are no justified or valid reason to these things.
    - With love, Claude ❤

    Edit: This was supposed to settled a while ago. I don't understand why go through so much trouble understanding (or not at all) that you're very much in the wrong and yet plead for forgiveness. Why drag this on for so long? Aren't you tired of this?
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  6. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    Hello Vee, I have given you hundreds of chances, and based off recent offenses in a different discord, you clearly haven’t changed. You are not welcome on CC, all you do is sabotage us.

    Appeal Denied
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