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Discussion in 'Denied' started by thomas banks, Mar 10, 2020.

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    I see you as one of the players applying for staff. I saw some mistakes in your application. Some of them are listed below :
    1) Lack of information: The information is the most important thing in today's generation and you told us a little bit about your self and I think for being a helper there should be more information.
    2)Time played: You are saying that you have been playing for 3-4 years, So if I calculate that its more than 26280 hrs and I think that's not possible. So I assume that you don't know where the time played is given.
    3)Reason: The reason given by you for being a helper is common and you can do all that stuff without having helper rank.

    There are some of the strong points which I have listed below which makes me from -1 to a 0. They are :
    1) Honesty: I see you as an honest man as you told about your past punishment of getting banned and didn't hide it as most of the people do.
    2)Time: Time is one of the most important things of being a good staff, if you can give time to the server then you can be a good staff and if you can't then I don't think so that you are eligible for it.

    That's All I got to know from your application and I may change my 0 to a +1 in the future.

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    I've been playing since 2016, i know for a fact i make the account right when i started playing on the server. but i do see how it looks surprises without context

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