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Issues with cp12cwp

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Algol Vela, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Algol Vela

    Algol Vela Fresh Spawn

    So I saw cp12cwp's recent thread and pointed out how again he's just attention-seeking. Some of you may know that him and me have a lot to settle by now. And personally, I'm really pissed off by how staff refuses to take any measures because everything he does just so happens to be barely within the rules. Again. But overall, cp12cwp has become a quite insufferable player to deal with. Here's why:
    1. All non-greedy shop owners face the problem of their shop being stocked out by egoistic individuals to increase nothing but their own profit. cp12cwp recently turned to such behavior over at Styx, but I also heard from other shop owners that they have to deal with him just the same. See here for details: https://www.conspiracycraft.net/threads/13742/
    2. Probably just a personal issue I have with the whole thing, but owning 7 alts doesn't make him look any more trustworthy either. And doesn't AquaMart sell rank kits? Wonder where they come from.
    3. When confronted with such issues, you get a sorry excuse for an answer such as "I didn't know I was buying full stacks so I had to try and get some money back". So that happened several times. With items that just so nicely fit into that corner of your shop. At higher price than you bought. Without you at least trying to ask for a refund as is the usual procedure. He did eventually return most of those items ‒ and got the refund, of course ‒ but seriously, what's this excuse for?
    4. Every day you see him post weird and/or perverted stuff in general chat. Most of it I don't have to endure anymore thanks to /ignore, but from what I saw, it yielded him an automated short-time ban system because it's auch a repeated issue. I wonder when it will upgrade to proper punishment?
    5. On the topic of chat messages, of course he also frequently uses the /me command, thus circumventing any /ignore. And those who decided not to get involved still get his "entertainment" in the form of perverted "fun facts" about literal shit and whatnot.
    6. All of this behavior also comes down to an incredible attentionwhoring. As shown in the aforementioned thread, he likes to flex a lot, to the point that he empties shop chests for the sole purpose of showing off, at the cost of everyone else. Hearts of the sea, no less, an item that you'd usually have to collect all around the world (which happens to be how I got them), and you want to show it off like you did just that while actually you just bought at a shop. With the reasoning that everyone else didn't buy them fast enough and you can do whatever the flying fuck you want with them. Yeah, probably. It's still a very douchbaggy and arrogant move.
    All in all, we have a greedy, egoistic, attention-seeking player that impairs the server's economy and community more than he benefits them. His most valuable asset to the server would be AquaMart, but it's stocked by the hard work of others who actually try to help out the community, and possibly alts too. Events he hosts may be interesting to some, but personally, I don't see anything in them but cries for attention. Well, here you have just that.

    The above issues were unspecifically discussed in this thread https://www.conspiracycraft.net/threads/13747/ before. Rex decided to intervene as the thread's original topic was heavily derailed. While I do understand getting excluded from that thread, I absolutely can not agree on simply deleting all posts of the discussion. However, I'm following your advice now to make a new thread dedicated to this.

    It's also worth noting that this is a highly perosnal issue and my opinion heavily biased. However, I did meet similar opinions in the server before, and hope the according people will speak up here. Otherwise, again, nothing will change.

    P.S.: This is about the fifth time I pointed out how /ignore doesn't work properly. Finally fixing it would leave us with a lot less personal conflicts to deal with, because then the advice of "don't like them, block them" would actually work. Currently, it does not.
  2. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    Here we go. Instead of reviewing all of your points individually, I'll leave you with this: They're all well within the rules.

    As for his fun facts, I've personally verbally warned him following your concern, Algol, despite having not seen one single 'perverted' message in months. Using /me is also well within the rules, be it to advertise shop features, events, or otherwise. If he uses /me it's not directly a bypass as he's almost always directing it at everybody as a whole. If he does use it as a bypass, it should be documented and reported.

    While we're on the topic of /ignore bypassing, I'd like to point out that out of the two of you, you are the only one to have deliberately bypassed. Twice. I've verbally warned you both instances.

    While not a very long read, I'll provide a bit of a TL;DR or summary.
    He isn't breaking any rules. In fact, based on information both of you have given me, you have been breaking more rules than he has. What's best for everyone here is to stop getting at each other. I'd recommend that both of you simply leave each other alone, as it's in everyone's best interest.

  3. wheelchair

    wheelchair Fresh Spawn

    so first hoes mad second your getting money from it whats the problem
  4. Seasmy

    Seasmy Fresh Spawn

    yeah and who tf /warps aquamart anyways
  5. http_elliott

    http_elliott Member

    I'll start off by saying for the most part I do agree with your points, but not that the blame is to be put on cp. Yes cp is annoying as fuck. He is quite literally the child of danisaacs, he's greedy and just wants to flex his money and rarely takes other people into consideration. But your dislike for cp is a personal factor. Its up to you how you deal with people like that, I find that just ignoring it tends to work for me.
    The problems with people buying out stores is due to the servers economy being designed relatively shitty.
    /me and [Item] should not bypass /ignore,
    and you wouldnt need to worry about his "perverted" chat messages if ignore worked properly.
    These are all problems with the server, cp isnt doing anything wrong other than being annoying.
    This thread would be taken a lot more seriously if you named it "Issues with the server" and pointed out those facts, rather than making it an attack on another player.
    I agree cp is attention seeking and annoying, but thats not against the rules, thats just life. There are people in life that are annoying, but we cant just gas them all.
    Make a post about the actual issues with the server and maybe you can actually contribute something people will take seriously.
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  6. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    Unlike you I'm not intentionally bypassing it therefore I wasn't gonna ask for a refund. Secondly you bring it out of proportion and if you did any research the shop that pointed it out was Cabin and I later showed Mirlexa my use for the concrete (1 of which was my /cc). If you sell stuff such as heart of the sea for $500 each, then complain when I buy them and say you spent several months to get them, that's your fault. I may "seek attention" but at least I'm not the one intentionally bypassing ignore, and making a thread trashing others and making public signs at my shop to call someone out. I'm not sure if you're aware but if i didn't give as many ranks as I have for free...i'd have like double my balance. Lmfao. It's a video game and I do the best to my ability to have fun and play by the rules. I'll make sure to stop making my fun facts about female farts being more smelly due to the sulfur out of /me. Maybe If you mentioned that while bypassing /ignore rather than making a scene then this wouldn't be such an issue. I've neglected to comment on your threads and agrrovating posts because this is absolutely ridiculous. I honestly don't care if you don't like me, but you're just not a victim, nobody is innocent because for 1 my opinion and my way of playing the game is offending you and i apologize. I dont ask for trust and yes I have used the kits because I am allowed to and I've used them about a total of 3 times and 1 of which were given to RexTheGreat37 and the other to Znutorius. It's too much of a hassle to continuously do it so like I've said before I use them for friends and I'm sorry you don't have many of those because you don't like people but I actually enjoy giving to people, events also give me something to do and if I haven't given as much as I have this map alone. My bal would probably be doubled in all honesty, I'm 14...it's not an excuse for anything but I'm more than aware that I am not as knowledged as a lot of you on the server and I try my best to grow, if anyone actually took the time to see the amount of growth I've had these last few years maybe a lot of you would shut the hell up once in a while and maybe actually have a conversation with me with how to improve (Which is what rex does and that's why he is a good friend). Anyway that's all I have to say and I don't have the intent of replying anymore. Bye Felicia
  7. Fedora_Fox

    Fedora_Fox Member

    -1 cause walruses are bae ;)
  8. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    Cp, do you know what a paragraph is? Break up that text, it's TL;DR
  9. Algol Vela

    Algol Vela Fresh Spawn

    So. Here we are again.

    There's been a lot going through my head the last days, a lot of things I intended to say and actions to take, but. No. Rex was right about it only pulling you down to their level, and that's not the way I'll go.

    Here's some final clarifications:
    • I've always been going against the flawed server management in general. In this case, cp12cwp happened to be someone who incorporates all the issues present. He's simply the prime example for what's going wrong.
    • I expected server management to be more concerned about the community, but as it turns out, they're not. Sabotage shops, ruin the economy, spread perversion and animosity, it's all fine as long as it doesn't technically break any rule. Apparently it's a hard concept to grasp that by living on the verge of illegal activities, you still continuously damage the community. There's a lot of underlying hostilities amongst players, and the reason most of them don't speak up is lack of trust in staff.
    • I hear people say that the rules are the way they are to enable as much freedom for anyone in the server. Which seriously, is a great basic concept. What doesn't get taken care of though, is that there'll always be players abusing that freedom to ruin it for everyone else. If you can't deal with those, the server will be run by greedy monopolists.
    • It's also not a coincidence that most days, half of the players online are diamond-ranked. Where's the unranked, new players, you ask? They're gone. Understandably so, when they encounter nothing but a circlejerk that is unable, or at least unwilling, to install measures that ensure basic fairness. Ergo, advertising the server as having a friendly community sounds like a lie nobody wants to spend much time with.

    And I for one am absoutely fed up with it. Every single time you try to point out issues and/or expose the ones contaminating the server, it ends like this. The repeated arguments of "but they didn't actually break a rule" and "that's how it is, deal with it" in conjunction with "but the server runs on money, we can't do anything about it" are absolutely ridiculous. But if you don't even consider thinking outside of those points to try and improve the server, efforts to open your eyes are nothing but a waste of time.

    I'm done with it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2020
  10. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    Don't worry, it won't be your "final clarifications".

    In my opinion, some of your presumptions in your clarifications aren't definitely correct.

    1. Sorry to say, but there's not rly "a lot". It's just the hostility between 2-5 shop owners. This server has much more players than that.

    2. Well, I don't have the definite answer of why there's not much people speaking about it. But I do have a definite answer that staff members are not required to maintain the economy of the server. The most they can do is to mute people who are way too toxic and ban those who grief in rage. Hence, players not speaking up is not related to the staff at all.

    3. Never heard of that :/ Especially the freedom part.

    This server is run by
    If you still remember what Minecraft is for, it's definitely not only for earning virtual money. If opening a shop and get rich is all you care about, just use irl cash and buy all the rank vouchers to re-sell, it's a relatable issue on your side if you say your parents don't allow. If you just wanna serve players, make a /cc, set /containertrust all and blacklist those you hate. Tho I'm sure it's gonna be unusable within 2 days no matter what.

    One thing's certain, economy's done for. If you still wanna play CC, find another purpose.

    This shows how ignorant you are about the server's current state. People who really join to play, usually already bought a rank from somebody rich. Like seriously, an Iron Rank is only 70k, or possibly free. A Gold Rank is like 500k, possibly 300k. A Diamond Rank is like 700k, possibly a giveaway (mine's a giveaway). It's not like they're gone, it's like they're easily promoted to a ranked player. Those who remain unranked are those who just joined or those who aren't sociable enough to ask anything about a rank.

    Basic fairness?
    1. Everybody spawn as a new player with 0 bal and no diamonds
    2. Everybody can do /wild
    3. Everybody can be banned for going against the rules
    4. Everybody can talk if they behave
    5. Everybody can claim their land
    6. Everybody's mcmmo multiplier is the same
    7. Everybody can join the Discord Server and stay there if they behave
    And most importantly,
    8. Everybody can use /buy and be rich.
    I don't see what's unfair.

    But I don't find it unfriendly at all.

    Similarly, I'm not everybody, so I can be wrong.
    Also, I never say I'm 100% disagreeing with you. I just don't bother to say what I'm agreeing with.
    If you're done with the server, then farewell. I'm sure the real life is healthier than Minecraft.
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