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AsteroHsl Xray Ban

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Gab(Luxius), Feb 11, 2020.

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  1. Gab(Luxius)

    Gab(Luxius) Fresh Spawn

    Username: AsteroHsl

    Punished by: xMetu

    Server: play.conspiracycraft.net

    Date punished: 11/02/2020

    Punishment type: ban

    Punishment length: permanent

    Reason: I got ban because screenshots showed me mining randomly in rocks and got diamond multiple times

    Plea: The issue is that even i don't have sufficient proof to show i haven't used this mod, in fact i talked with the staff and the only thing i could show is my mc files, but i know it isn't enough, i know that was very suspicious to have that much luck (even that's the only luck i ever had)... I just need help to show that i am innocent and i accept to be banned at least a few weeks but i don't want my accound blacklisted, i played this server for more than a year and i've never had any problem with anyone, i only helped newbies to start with a group, i also prevented stealing from others:I found unclaimed area or destroyed ones and kept the stuff inside a chest with the coordinates of the spot where i found it, i was also leaving signs asking to /mail at me so people could get back their stuff.
  2. Rayane

    Rayane Fresh Spawn

    wesh le francais (he is french)
  3. Gab(Luxius)

    Gab(Luxius) Fresh Spawn

  4. BDJ

    BDJ Fresh Spawn

    Was lucky 200 times in a row in the span of 30minutes. You should have bought a lottery ticket my friend.
  5. xMetu

    xMetu Active Member

    Lying in an appeal isn't a good idea. You were banned for xray and there's sufficient proof to back this up.
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