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A Few Suggestions

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by RexTheGreat37, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    Hai CC!
    I come to you guys in response to Cheekizms' thread about not having much to do with coins in the server. Those of us who take our stonks a little too seriously have made millions, with no signs of slowing, yet have no meaningful ways of spending our hard-earned cash. I see this lack of not having anything to do with your money as really just a lack of not having anything to do in general, thus bringing up the question, once again. What can we add to Survival to make it less boring for everybody, now that lag limitations are pretty much out of the way? Below are a few suggestions that I think would have some tremendously positive impacts on this community of ours ( or even just small little influences here and there ).

    Monthly Build Events.
    I know how this comes across. Monthly build events?! But for the sake of the community, hear me out. Half the reason people come to Survival is to let their inner creator out. Everywhere you go, you see outstandingly creative and artistic shops, community creations, and just builds in general. Aside from the satisfaction of having completed such large ( or small ) projects, however, building in Survival has more cons than it does pros. It takes time, resources and patience that just not everybody has these days. Build events change this. They give people a good reason to improve the landscape of the server as their hard work has a good chance of being rewarded with all kinds of goodies. Don't get me wrong, doing a build event every month that would hand out buycraft rewards would prove expensive for Jamm. But then again, the rewards don't have to be monetary. They could be in-game money, spawners, or even keys. Point is, creativity needs a reason to come out in our community. Monthly build events would encourage this, and not necessarily at the cost of tossing buycraft rewards around like they're nothing.
    I quite recently suggested that if we do kick off monthly build events, a St. Patrick's Day themed event for the month of March would be splendid, as would a Valentines Day theme for the month of February ( though I know that ship has sailed for this year, as least lol. ).

    Regular Events In General.
    Events bring out a sort of positive energy within the community. People feel the need to win, and the satisfaction of earning rewards when they do, or the will power to take the top spot the next time an event comes around if they don't. Though they do tend to spam up the chat quite a bit, CP's randomly timed events are pretty sweet. The gameplay is fantastic, and the rewards are just as outrageous.

    Ngl I hate KoTH. It's full of toxic and tryhard energy. But yeeting your best friend off the side of a mountain also seems kinda fun lmao. The reason I'm suggesting this is because I've seen plenty of players push for it. Though I've never taken part in it myself I have seen other players win some sweet rewards... I think? Point is, KoTH seems to be appreciated by the community, so aside from the toxic behaviour that may come with it, I don't see a reason not to bring it back this map.

    Community Gathering Areas.
    We've got shops. They serve as a community gathering area where people can buy what they need, and come across some interesting builds and bits of info as they go about their shopping. We've got community creations. They serve for the most part as plots of land/apartments for other players to rent out, but can also get quite interesting. I think there need to be more community gathering areas. Er, correction: there need to be more significant community gathering areas. As in, a whole bunch of small ones won't have the same impact as a single large one. Not sure how to explain this at this exact moment, but I may elaborate in this later, possibly in a future edit.

    A few points I should probably make before I wrap this up...
    As this thread was initiated with Cheekizms' previous thread in mind, many of the suggestions I've made are to give not only your average player something extra to do, but your average stonk man something to do with their earnings as well. Build events, Community gathering areas and even KoTH events do require at least some extra cash to host and/or participate in, opening up more opportunities for shopowners and other stonk ppl to drop their cash on something meaningful.

    Though this thread is for the most part aimed at admins, all of the suggestions here can be pulled off by both Jamm and regular players alike.

    I've come up with these suggestions with as many viewpoints in mind as possible. As such I'm hoping for constructive feedback for the most part. If you do have an objection to make to do with any of the suggestions I've made above, please do so in an orderly, unbiased and friendly matter. It's seriously soul-crushing when people reject my suggestions just because they've got a personal issue with me, so I'm doing my best to kindly ask y'all to steer clear of that path.

    I'm aware I don't speak for all players. If there's a good suggestion you think I missed, please do let me know below, and I'll gladly edit it into my current piece of writing ( with the appropriate credit of course :p ).

    Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing your guys' feedback below!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2020
  2. wheelchair

    wheelchair Fresh Spawn

    i agree with all of them except the gathering areas i think you should have to work for stuff and koth isnt even updated to 1.14 yet D:

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