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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by danisaacs, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    Request: Currently skills stop accruing levels @ 100. Requesting they continue to increase after the "max" level needed to max out the skill benefits. Getting more than 100 doesn't need give you any more perks, and levels after that could be fixed at same XP reqs needed to get from 99 to 100 currently, or increased, idc.

    Reason: I'm bored af. The things I enjoy doing (mining/exploring) feel like a waste of time with my /mining maxed out. Without having a scoreboard, I may as well be playing a Single Player game. Diminished joy is a result of this cap.
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  2. Battlemage-Poi

    Battlemage-Poi Fresh Spawn

    I agree with this thread.
  3. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Trial Helper Staff Member

    But honestly what's
    the point of increasing the cap if it doesn't do anything?
  4. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    Shows you've been doing shit. Otherwise it's a tree falling in the woods when nobody is there to hear it.
  5. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    It also lets you compete. Because once you've hit the cap there it's no more competition therefore it becomes diminished
  6. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Trial Helper Staff Member

    Frankly, I just don't see how pointless McMMO XP should give anyone a feeling of some sort of validation. Once you reach the maximum level, the boosts that come with that maxed-out level (along with the resources that come with grinding) should be rewarding enough.

    As to the competitive side of things, I suppose you're right. I'm still giving an upvote, just unsure of how persuasive some of the presented facts would be.
  7. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    I mean, people can just choose not to grind then. Personally, it doesn't cater to go parties; some people grind just for the competition not for the perks, most people don't use repair to repair their armor for example, it's just for the stat. Also, players get bored (such as black34879) and end up not playing which may cause the player base to drop a little bit. If you look on Mctop people aren't nearly competing as much anymore because why waste 50,000 clicks when grinding alchemy when you can make that 100 McMMO doing an easier skill

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