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Claude's Helper Application, take 2

Discussion in 'Denied' started by claude1, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. claude1

    claude1 Trial Helper Staff Member

    【Claude's Helper


    Date Joined:
    June 2018

    Time Played:
    8.94 days in Map 5, according to statistics





    Past Punishments:
    Some warns and mutes, and 1 occasion where i lost my /nick tempoarily

    I'm Claude, a seventeen-year-old high school student from Vietnam and I'm always trying out new things. I've been playing Minecraft since 2013. I'm skillful in music, mathematics and programming. I am also part of a Studygram and interested in Productivity and Time Management, which opens up more ways for me to manage my work along with playing. I speak and write in English fluenty, while also knowing Vietnamese and a bit of Chinese. Besides that, I am much aware and up-to-date of the server's rules. I consider myself to be a friendly, helpful person and an active player. I mainly just want to make people feel happy and welcomed, and I'm willing to do that for everyone

    I love Survival and I enjoy helping people out. As time went on, we started to see staff leaving like WolfScreamYTG, Dan, etc. which opened up oppotunities for moderation roles and more threats of hateful people to plague the chat. While there are more helpers over the Western side of the world being accepted in recently, with my help, I can be of help over the Eastern side and be online and monitor things when other staff can't. I view myself as qualified, having every quality needed for the role and being able to keep composure to handle situations.

    I used to be a Jr Mod on a now-closed server named Infinite Craft, which had a playerbase similar to CC and used to be a Moderator of a still-active Discord Server


    Additional Comments:
    I am very obsessed with Rose Bushes and enjoy pushing pigmen off of cliffs in the Nether. I also wrote this app on mobile, which was a pain to edit all this.

    ♤ ° ♡ ° ◇ ° ♧ ° ◇ ° ♡ ° ♤
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  2. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    Good luck! +1.
    I personally think you are well qualified to fill this position. :)
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2020
  3. Fedora_Fox

    Fedora_Fox Member

    Wow, great app!
    I think you would be a great helper, your application is very neat & organized, and with my interactions with you, you seem hardworking and intelligent. Also, your ability to speak a small range of languages can assist you if you become a helper.

    Good luck! +1
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2020
  4. Black34879

    Black34879 Fresh Spawn

    Pushing Pigmens from cliffs
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  5. Ziyadk

    Ziyadk Member

    good luck :3 and i think all the CC community likes you for who you are and always there to help new players ^,^
  6. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    +1 I personally seen you handle situations where you could have easily freaked out And it's quite impressive to see you keep your cool for a lot of these situations. Where it could have wrecked your reputation if you didn't defend yourself, however you did it in a more mature spectral manner and you've also helped quite a few players in the chat. What I am worried about it's in the long run when you move away from your hometown, I just mentioned many times are you still going to be active?
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2020
  7. claude1

    claude1 Trial Helper Staff Member

    About that, during somewhere from Feb-April 2021 and June-August 2021, I'll be graduating and working towards college, so I'll be inactive then. Otherwise, I'll be active enough to fulfill my duties
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