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Algol Vela's Shop License Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Algol Vela, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Algol Vela

    Algol Vela Fresh Spawn

    Username: AlgolVela

    Rank: Diamond

    Shop Name: Styx

    Shop Coordinates: X: -2288.5, Y: 12, Z: 26011.5 (centered on a block), facing North (negative Z)

    Shop Tag Color: Ideally, /warp Styx (&8/warp &9Styx). If only one color is possible, then /warp Styx (&9/warp Styx)

    Additions: Requesting all available shop perks: warp, tag, and /shops listing. For the icon, if by any chance crying obsidian is available, I'd like to choose that, otherwise regular obsidian. The shop description should read "Map arts and other decorative items at the pathway between worlds."

    Description: The general theme loosely follows the river of Greek mythology, presenting an underground marketplace of sorts where travelers sell various goods. Despite the overall dark-ish ambiente, most of the items sold are colorful in nature, such as glazed terracotta, corals, and a complete assortment of flowers. As a unique feature, Styx offers a growing number of map arts. The shop's design reflects the items on sale by categorizing them into accordingly themed sections.

    Styx 01.png Styx 02.png Styx 03.png Styx 04.png Styx 05.png Styx 06.png Styx 07.png Styx 08.png Styx 09.png Styx 10.png
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  2. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    Good luck!
    I really do like the theme. Think your shop would be a good fit on the server!
  3. http_elliott

    http_elliott Member

    Looks like a very unique and pretty store. Would love to see it!
  4. Algol Vela

    Algol Vela Fresh Spawn

    Thank you guys for all the support!
    Just noticed that my resource pack changes zombies, so the last screenshot may look weird to others. Here's the standard look.
    Styx 10 - revised.png
    P.S.: I'm not getting any mail notifications again for this thread :,(

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