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SrFrogg's MineFrog.Co

Discussion in 'Denied' started by SrFrogg, Jan 20, 2020.

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  1. SrFrogg

    SrFrogg Fresh Spawn


    Creation Name:

    Player Benefiting Corporation

    Creation Description:
    Currently MineFrog.Co has massive Farms for anybody to come to and harvest and sell. Each farm makes thousands per harvest and anybody can use it free of charge. But, in order to register they have to tell me and after subscribing to MineFrog.Co they can use all of our farms!

    In a couple days we are adding Higher Level - Faster Bonemeal Farms that will only be available if players subscribe to a higher level of Treatment.

    In a week we will add a player Hub - where people who register to us to sell their items can trade, sell, etc.

    We are thinking of more and more farms and designs by the day and will develop MineFrog.Co into a big player-benefiting corporation.

    We sincerely hope our application gets accepted.

    Menu Description:
    Come to MineFrog.Co to harvest from massive eco-farms for free!
    Subscribe, get Premium, or get VIP for more Benefits!

    Desired Warp Point:

    6169, 64, 3601
  2. cheekizms

    cheekizms Fresh Spawn

    So many questions. As it reads now you are requesting a /warp to your farms to have players harvest goods and sell those goods to you. I would assume you will be selling some of those goods in a store your associated with. That however wouldn't make up the potential coin loss you are paying out, so to negate that you require periodic coin payments from the users.


    What are you some of your Sell prices to give us an idea what to expect

    You mentioned there are 3 tiers to a subscription. Subscriber - Premium - VIP . What are the cost and payment frequencies of those 3 tiers and what are the benefits to each level.

    Will there be any cap on how much can be sold to you within a given period of time

    Tell us why this is not a clever way to find helpers to harvest your farms.
  3. SrFrogg

    SrFrogg Fresh Spawn

    This isn't because they only pay maybe 1k to me a "Week" , and while Im offline all the farms could be used. That's why when I lend it to enough players - they can make maybe 2k per harvest - and when Im offline - they could harvest many thousands! They earn maybe 10k a week if they just harvest one small field a day - takes 3 minutes as I said, because my farm design is a lot more efficient for harvesting and replanting. So its effectively - I get a little bit out of offline time - but it tremendously helps players who don't know, or want to spend hours and hours building massive farms.
    Als o - there will be more epic farms added in the future, so that helps even more.
  4. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    First off, specify whether you're applying for a community creation or a warp.
    Second off, explain why this is more efficient and cost-effective than players making their own farms. If it isn't worth players' time, it isn't worth a warp. Good luck though.
  5. SrFrogg

    SrFrogg Fresh Spawn

    It is a warp - it will definitely be worth player's times, especially newer players - but also players who have huge farms too. This is because I take time to farm insane amounts of bonemeal which will allow for insane carrot farming at the premium level.

    The first their farms are for newer players as it provides good income and they don't have to build HUGe farms that cost so many blocks and worry about lighting and all themselves.

    Then VIP emerald farms will have cured villagers that I maintain as cured (haven't finished building yet) and I will also create an insane string spider farm for immense emerald farming.

    Now you might ask - Why not just make players build their own farms? People like to have solid foundations. So, when I started 3 days ago, I made a crappy carrot farm and later realized that my carrot farm is what everyone else is using - including veteran players! I realized that people "Hire" others to help them collect and harvest their arms all day long. Such a waste of TIME!

    With that time they could be doing other things than repeatedly harvesting and replanting their farms. Thus is create highly efficient farms that they can visit whenever they are online!

    According to Minecraft Chunk mechanics, you'd have to be online or close to farm to let it grow. This means when you're offline your farm is doing NOTHING.

    Why have everyone spend stacks of blocks and stacks of time and materials building farms when they might only be harvesting 2 hours a day??
    Thats already way too long just harvesting. With MineFrog you'll have access to constantly newly replanted crops anytime you're online. Higher levels = FAST bonemeal farming! With redstone mechanics of course (don't worry its not 0tick or anything that isn't allowed). Who wants to go collect tons of bonemeal every time they farm? NOBODY. Thus, my farms are supplied through my OWN bonemeal farm!

    Player without MineFrog (1+1=2 is one of my party mates and he's an example) = pays people 750 coins per layer they help him harvest - he also harvests with them cuz its a slow process since his farms are square. one hour later they've finished harvesting and replanting JUST THREE LAYERS only (I've helped him before this is accurate data). He earns 3k from one harvested layer - pays me 750 coins - takes 20 minutes - that's 2250 coins per 20 minutes.

    Mine Frog player. This player does not have his own farm, instead he logs on and warp to mine frog. I might be offline - other people might also be offline - there are a couple players already farming. HE finds a spare farm (MineFrog has tons ) and starts. in 3 minutes he earns 2k and replants all crops. He keeps ALL 2k. As he waits for the crops to regrow he can maybe go to another MineFrog farm that is open - earn another 2k in 3 minutes. He's earned 4k after just login on for 10 minutes maybe. Now he wants to build on his home. He can buy colorful terra-cotta, blocks, etc. and build his home. 15 minutes later he comes back to farm. REMEMBER: chunk mechanics - BUT there are other players farming there while he was building his home - so his farms regrew! Yay he farms another 2k in 3 minutes.

    MY straight lined alt row farms earn 2K per harvest and take 2-3 minutes per harvest and the player KEEPS ALL. Only pay 1k coins per week to use MineFrog farms. Of course I can use them personally when Im online as well.

    Now do you still think this is useless?
    Just wait when I add emerald farms and more farms!

    Thanks for reading!
  6. cheekizms

    cheekizms Fresh Spawn


    Im a fan of people trying new things. After reading your replies I support your effort in bringing something original to the server. GL
  7. SrFrogg

    SrFrogg Fresh Spawn

    Thanks :)
  8. http_elliott

    http_elliott Member

    I think this is a great idea, although im annoyed because you beat me to it.
    Do the people who work the farms sell to you or the server though? Because unless they are selling to the server this is just a way to profit off of newbies and I don't see how it could really have more premium levels considering players will eventually realise they can make more money selling to the server rather than you.
    Also your idea for a villager farm will not work. In order for players to get discounts they have to cure the villager THEMSELVES. The villagers are only discounted for you, so every person who wants discounts will have to spend countless gapples, weakness pots and nametags. And I doubt many newer players would have the resources available to do that.

    Overall I think you trying to give newer players a more secure way of income is good and something new to the server, but I don't think it is available for a /warp as that requires it to be a shop. /cc would be more suited, but then how does it differ from people advertising harvest jobs in chat?
  9. SrFrogg

    SrFrogg Fresh Spawn

    To the server. And it won't change that because of chunk physics. I'd say once I get about 10-12 people enrolled, the efficiency will double.

    Personally I tried today use both the nano farm and the harvest farm. So, in about 4 minutes (i was harvesting nether wart - which is one the second floor) I had finished a 2k coin harvest and replanted. Right after that I went to the nano farm and stayed there for about 10 minutes. I earned another 2k. Then I came back and the crops were all grown again and I quickly harvested another 2k. In one hour I earned about 17K.
    That is about 2-3 x more efficient than ANY individual farm. That took one hour - well guess what? They only have to pay me 1k - 2k coins per WEEK. That's literally an insignificant amount compared to what they be making.

    So its definitely not a harvest job - harvest jobs are extremely Tiring and Time-consuming. (I already said this) But I've done many harvest jobs before doing this thing - it takes about an hour to harvest only 3 layers and the player earns a payment of 500-750 coins per layer from their employer.

    MineFrog - the players earn for themselves!! This makes a huge difference. (And as I said if the player wants to do something else while waiting for regrow, other players will be there - which enables chunk and also enables regrow).

    This is HUGELY great for not just the players, but the economy as a whole. Because player efficiency is only doubled. But Farm efficiency is multiplied by how many farms I have. So With more farms, I have more efficiency.

    What you said about the emeralds (I'm new so I didn't know that part about villagers) - so thanks for telling me :). Although I am working on an Industrial spider farm that could produce over 10k string an hour (if i do then we don't really need cure). And also - I'm constantly thinking of new ideas for farms too.

    I'm hoping for a warp point - not a shop - just saying.
  10. http_elliott

    http_elliott Member

    I don't understand how a lot of this was relevant to what I asked lol
    But if I understand correctly your saying you get paid via a subscription, and they can get the full profit from the carrots? If so then that seems a relatively good way to do it. Could be hard for you to manage but you do you.

    Also I think you need to clarify you want a /cc placement, not a warp.
    /cc does not allow people to /warp to you, only teleport there using the /cc menu. So put that in the original post.
  11. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    Still not sure I understand.
    You're making a public farm to which people can subscribe? I struggle to understand how this could be more efficient than a personal farm. I guess everyone who's on board here is seeing something that I'm not though, so good luck.

    Also wouldn't this be better suited as a community creation?
  12. SrFrogg

    SrFrogg Fresh Spawn

    I was thinking players could just type /warp frogfarm and then get there and be able to farm. Because the efficiency rate only goes up with number of subscribers.

    So ten subscribers would be able to 6x efficiency pretty easily. More subscribers = more efficiency.
    Although - if I have more than 50 subscribers I would need to expand more.

    (Btw Im not sure how this works, but if its a warp does it have to go into the /shop menu? I personally just want it to be easily accessible to everyone - but not as a shop, so could y'all just make it a warp point and I can tell people about it more in depth myself - cuz the concept is a little hard to understand at first, so I would explain to people in depth personally)

    (also - i have two people who use my farm already every single day - its just that they end up having to wait for me to log on to tap to me to use the farm)

    (and if I do get a warp point just name it to /warp frogfarm)
  13. SrFrogg

    SrFrogg Fresh Spawn

    BTw location is Subject to change (coordinates) because my places next to aquamrt, so I would like to move it (not sure about details, but Walroos also wants to expand where I am right now).
  14. SrFrogg

    SrFrogg Fresh Spawn

    Yo Guys - Just drop this - Im abandoning everything. Walroos if you read this - you succeed ok? You making me depressed af and hoesntly fine - take it all.

    Im unchaining everything just take it and dont use your wealth to threaten my sht . Saying gonna remove my entire MineFrog farm if I don't remove it myself fucking

    Stop harassing me - take my claims and stop being so fucking conceited thinking your aqua mart is more important than everyone else's creations.
    fuck depressing
  15. cheekizms

    cheekizms Fresh Spawn

    Open a ticket and provide chat log to the harassment.
  16. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I just checked this out today and it almost looks griefed. Are you sure you want to abandon it?
  17. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    Uhm you told me to move my shop so you can expand and I was there first ;-; and bypassed /ignore. So uh who harrassing who
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