Poi's, Mezzmeral's, And YGLW's Winter Build.

Discussion in 'General' started by Battlemage-Poi, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Battlemage-Poi

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    Hello, My name is Poi, and this is quite possibly my first post here since map 2.

    Me, and my team have participated in the winter build off, the House of Santa, a large Christmas present factory, and the most impressive, a co-op Roller Coaster, Starting under Santa's house.

    The cords of the house are 33706, 33656, And the Factory is right next to it, (you cant miss it) 33739, 33622.

    The Co-Op Roller Coaster is accessed at 2 stairwells behind the 2 staircases in the entry of Santa's lodge. It will take you on a basic tour of the factory, and a few other small bits in between. Off to the right side of the factory, is Santa's sleigh, and a runway, 2 named cows, named TangoFoxTrot77, and YGLW were teathered to the sleigh, but the leads kept despawning. :(

    I am having the same problem another player was having, my screenshots are too large, (1 mb minimum? I have floppy discs with larger storage than that??) If you want screenshots, you will have to raise the minimum file size limit, or I can send you the screenshots on discord.

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  2. RexTheGreat37

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    Sup, Poi.
    Just so you know you can upload an image larger than 1MB by simply clicking on the lil image icon in the top bar and entering the URL for the image. If you do not have a link for your images you can always send them to a bot on Discord through DMs (or anywhere else that nobody'll see your images) and retrieve the link from there once it's sent.
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  3. YGLW

    YGLW Fresh Spawn

    Here is a couple shots.
  4. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    That's amazing!
    One can certainly appreciate how much better builds look when shaders get involved lol. That aside, though, I wouldn't find it surprising if you guys won. Good luck!
  5. Mezzmeral

    Mezzmeral Fresh Spawn

    Edited afew parts:
  6. Mezzmeral

    Mezzmeral Fresh Spawn

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