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Discussion in 'Denied' started by Pesci, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Pesci

    Pesci Fresh Spawn

    I want to be a helper not for the fame , but for helping other people with there day to day Minecraft problems . I don't need a helper rank to help other people and neither does anyone else . Whichever rank I use , it will change the way people Deceive me . I asked myself what rank best represents me the best . The answer was |Helper| , Im very Trustive , Well behaved , calm , and helping as it is now , Can be my hobbie on this server .
    (Im not lying or sugarcoating it)

    -Here are the reasons I want to be applied for a helper -

    -Positive impact on the server and the community
    -Happier community
    -Less aggressive and toxic players

    If I do get applied and if you want to reach me , I don't use discord and I probably wont use it so you can msg me in game.

  2. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    Hey buddy. I would probably play more. Not everyone knows about you. I'm sure you would be a good helper but I believe you should play longer
  3. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    Hi Pesci,

    Like CP said, just keep playing for awhile, being helpful and positive influence on the community, and your odds will significantly improve. You're still a relatively new player. Also, Discord is kinda required to be staff.
  4. Fedora_Fox

    Fedora_Fox Member

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