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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by WitherWolf, Dec 1, 2019.

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  1. WitherWolf

    WitherWolf Fresh Spawn



    1.14.4 Survival





    I promise i wasn't using any X-Ray mods, i didn't even know mods were allowed on the server, i was just mining to stock up for my future shop and happened to come across a glitch that happens very rarely where the server has a glitched block that turns invisible for a few seconds that shows all blocks that are not the same as the glitched block which happened to be stone, and i used that to find some diamonds and gold, the rest of the ore i found was pure coincidence. I really like this server cause it's the only good survival server for cracked users
  2. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    Considering by what you said ik that's possible but if ur mining that low I find it hard to believe u are mining that fast for the chunks not to load unless the server was lagging which idk.
  3. WitherWolf

    WitherWolf Fresh Spawn

    I've been having alot of lag spikes recently on the server
  4. Algol Vela

    Algol Vela Fresh Spawn

    Well we all know the lag spikes, and how it affects chunk loading. Personally though, I've only ever experienced the type of loading glitch where only entities (mobs, but most notably minecarts) load first, then the landscape after. While that might count as some type of glitch-x-raying, the kind described here is totally different, and I never saw that happen. And as cp12cwp pointed out, it would usually occur at velocities notably greater than the average mining speed.
    That being said though, I do happen to know WitherWolf personally. For all I can tell, he's been a reasonable, nice, and very dedicated player. Worked for days on a farm to get iron rank. Started a town that looks very promising, and prepares to build a shop, both of which could be valuable assets to the server's community. And last but not least, our party likes to go adventuring together, which for me, is the most fun part about playing Minecraft in multiplayer.
    With all of that in mind, a permanent ban for a one-time offense seems very harsh. Yes, the rules need to be enforced, but under these circumstances, seeing how the offense in question was only one to gain a minor material advantage, I really think this punishment is way over the top.
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  5. yttyty

    yttyty Fresh Spawn

    I also sometimes have spikes which affect chunk loading and have also seen mobs appear before even the chunks get loaded so this could not be be the fault of the player seeing items before it full loads.
    I have also known WitherWolf since I joined this server, we usually together and he is hard working. He tries his best to make something possible even no matter how difficult it is without cheating since I have known him. For example his struggles to get an iron rank and working on a farm to be able get it. And I have gone on adventures with him a lot and he is really fun to be with, he makes an effort to get things done the right way no matter which situation. I think a permaban is too harsh for such a player.
  6. Algol Vela

    Algol Vela Fresh Spawn

    We're really missing WitherWolf, but it's been three days since the last post here now. Does that mean the ban appeal is rejected? I think at the very least, there should be an official statement from staff. In particular, the case would really benefit from a response from @Hewittassassin29, being the one who decided for the penalty, to deliver clarity in regards to the offense committed.
    Please, don't let this ban appeal go by unnoticed.
  7. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    Sorry but without proper evidence this excuse won’t do much. On a side note, could you see through all the blocks for the 5 minute period I was following you?

    If this is true then it must have been happening over a period of time, and if that is the case then using said bug to find diamonds isn’t the smartest idea either.

    Appeal denied.
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