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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by cp12cwp, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    This mans is on every dang day helping out teaching players how to play and making an overall fun community. You know how good it would be to have him as a helper? He gives a unique perspective and is honestly benefiting the server and would benefit it 10x more if he was mod.

    The poor mans applied for trusted in feburary. Let him be a helper lmao

  2. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

  3. LordKonKon

    LordKonKon Moderator Staff Member

    I need Cluster to stay as helper so he can be my sneaky slave
  4. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

  5. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Cp, your saying that cluster is trusted and not helper. Then howcome Lord said he is a helper. Why do you like to confuse me so much, every dang time?

    Lowkey Osleya needs to be a staff member once again and Lordkonkon needs to be Promoted as well.

    And of course we need #MetuForOwner
  6. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    I meant he applied for trusted. Yeah hes a helper my point is hes part of the staff team since about then. I am pretty sure he ended up just getting helper tho lmao
  7. Cluster21

    Cluster21 Helper Staff Member

    +1 to lord :)
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  8. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Nu u need to be mod so u can stalk ppl In vanish
  9. xMetu

    xMetu Mod Staff Member

    I dont want u to overwhelm cluster with messages.
    -1 i want him to help me
  10. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Nani I would never :)

    Unless you gave him OP
  11. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    If you type ./op ingame does it still say, “Yes we’re giving away free op. Seriously, what did you expect?”

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