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Halloween Build Event Results

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Jamm, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The results are in! There were a total of 10 submissions for this build event, making it our biggest one so far. That also means it was the most competitive, but there are still only 3 winners! Let's take a look..

    The winner!
    First place for this event goes to @Rahat_Elric , with his build titled "Witch's Isle."

    Witch's Isle was the top rated submission when all of the judges scores were averaged together. It scored a total of 35.7 points from all of the judges 1-10 scores.
    I think this build won because it not only looked pretty cool, but it was a lot different from all of the others. It shows a normal concept, a jack'o'lantern, but once you go inside, there's a series of puzzles that you must complete successfully to go through the build. We've never seen anything like this from a submission and it really broke the mold of what's normal and it paid off! Congrats, @Rahat_Elric!

    You can see his submission here: https://www.conspiracycraft.net/threads/13514/

    Second place!​
    Second place goes to @AxNeoGaming with his build titled "JACK."

    JACK received a total score of 33.7.

    This build is very simple, but done in an elegant and stylish way. I like how well he is able to blend the environments he makes with great looking colors, and at the same time, making it look novel. He has placed in a past build event as well, with his UFO build. Congrats @AxNeoGaming!

    You can see the submission here: https://www.conspiracycraft.net/threads/13501/

    Third place!
    Third place goes to @Declark with this build titled "The Cavern of Eternal Rest".

    The Cavern of Eternal Rest scored a total of 30.8 points among the judges.

    @Declark's build is a bit different than all of the other submissions, and it's actually sort of terrifying. It features a story about a girl named Ren that encounters a cavern with two very large portals.. Inside the cave, she found a book which instructed her to sacrifice 10 of her friends in order to activate the portals. It doesn't say how she did it, and I don't really want to know.. But she did, and then all hell broke loose, leading to the spread of an evil plague on the world. After that, everyone on Earth died a slow and painful death. Congrats @Declark! Ren is a freakin' savage LOL.

    Honorable mention!
    Since there were so many submissions, I decided to do an honorable mention for what would have been 4th place. Congrats @Sneakyboy27 and @69Chromosomes on your build titled Monster Mansion.

    Monster Mansion received a total of 30.5 points.

    Here is a list of the rest of the submissions and the scores they received.
    5th place - @xMetu, @TehAwesomestKitteh, @Cluster21 (29.5 points)
    6th place - @cp12cwp (28.4 points)
    7th place - @Zenilyth (24.2 points)
    8th place - @JustCube (23.3 points)
    9th place - @edrian09 (18.5 points)
    10th place - @OzzyGaming (15.6 points)

    Thanks to everyone for participating! If you did not score as well as you hoped for, feel free to reach out to some of the judges for a critique of your submission, and how you can improve for future build events. If you placed 1st-3rd, please contact me on Discord to receive your prizes.

    We will definitely be hosting another build event before the year ends. Christmas/Winter build events are usually the biggest and most participated in build event we hold each year. Maybe we can break a record for the next one and have more contestants!
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  2. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    Gg everyone
  3. Ziyadk

    Ziyadk Member

    congratulations to the winners ^_^
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  7. Triozics

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    My build was the best
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    Rahat_Elric Member

    thanx rahat^
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    xFastFirex Member

    quite sad, gg man

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