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Discussion in 'General' started by Rayguyplayz, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Rayguyplayz

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    I've started playing on this server from about 3 years from now and recently hopped back in to re-learn minecraft, the plugins and set-up is still as good as back then but there is one key element of survival minecraft is the spawning of hostile mobs. The chance of find a hostile mob right now is even more rare than find diamonds, which make some mob drops insanely rare and expensive (slimeballs, wither skeleton skulls). I spend days building natural mob farms and just realize mobs spawning just decreased about weeks ago, what a waste of time, RIP. Also there is a shortage of player limit and most of the time I see about 10 or so playing stuck in the lobby and we have to spam /server to get in. Please consider increasing server RAM sometime. Additionally, just this morning about 700 of my sheep (stacked) just despawned for some reason. Please fix the server sometime.



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  2. YMbrothers

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    You probably don't know, but the spawn rate is MUCH higher than the previous map.

    You pay for the extra RAM, Jamm will add them to the server.
  3. Algol Vela

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    I don't know the numbers, but people do pay money in the shop. That has to go somewhere. And one would think that ultimately, better performance = more players = more income. If the income allows for some investments, now would be a good time.
    Besides, now that Factions is gone, can't the server use those resources for Survival now? The idea of making a second map, with shared ranks and maybe also coins or items, has been brought up before. It sounds quite logical, and players would have the advantage of being able to choose between two maps that could feature different aspects. Basically as it was before, just with another Survival (or whatever game mode Goazart may come with that attracts players).
  4. YMbrothers

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    I mean, if you allocate memory from Factions to Survival, yes Survival is faster. How about after Faction's released again? People complaining about Survival being slow.

    Edit: Silence by the Golden Word of the Supreme Goat
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  5. Jamm

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    The issues with mob spawning (and your sheep stacking problem) are just side effects of us trying to make do with 1.14. You will not find another 1.14 Survival server out there with a player count as high as ours where mob spawning is plentiful, it's unfortunately just a fundamental problem with 1.14 not being efficient for servers, so we're forced to bottleneck some aspects of the gameplay to make it playable.

    It has nothing to do with me not allocating enough "ram" or not "buying a better host." We have the best server hardware for running Survival servers on the market and more ram than we could ever use on a single server.

    The map has been out for over a month now and to this day I wind up spending a majority of the time I spend on the server each day trying to improve the performance so the server can hold the players we are getting, while trying not to hurt the experience too much. Maybe we are better off sticking with a lower player cap like 40 or 45 and just adding a second server. I really am sorry and I'm going to continue making tweaks to see if we can raise the spawning without making the server laggy, but it's proving to be extremely difficult to find a middle ground when we have an increase in demand for more slots but also an increasingly annoyed player-base due to the issues they are facing from us increasing the slots (server load).
  6. Algol Vela

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    I'm glad that at last we get an official statement on the issue.
    If I understand that right, you're saying that 1.14 will run badly on servers, no matter how much resources you give it. In that case, this
    sounds like the best solution. On that matter, what even is the official status of Factions, is it gone for good, will it be revived later on? It's hard to find any reliable info on that.
    In the meantime, I get that options are limited, but the current status still makes large portions of the game unplayable. Less mobs spawning sounds reasonable - and take phantoms for example, people don't seem to like them anyway, that's something we could cut - but deleting existing mobs is just awful. That much at least has to change.
  7. YMbrothers

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    We need a new mob stacking plugin. XD
  8. Rayguyplayz

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