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    Hello everyone today I'm here today to expose sami!! Let's begin.
    Firstly, the W in in walrus is obvious. He underlined the word "What" in his steam account. That's obviously our first hint [​IMG]
    How do I know this is our first hint?
    If you look. It is first on that list. So that means twitter is our next clue. Let's take a look to why the next clue is obviously an A making the a in walrus
    As you can see Azarath is his home. which means he is obviously a walrus. So now we have an A and a W but here's another clue to why the next letter is obviously an A.
    Sami has 4 letters and the 2nd letter is an A and the second letter of Walrus is also an A! Coincidence? I think not.
    Next we have the L. This one is also quite obvious.
    Sami's ID for discord is
    204254115759390720. Count to the 12th number and u get to the 9. Then subtract 4 as its sami (4 letters) so u get to the 1. Which is the 8th number. 1 looks like an L therefore its quite obvious that's the 3rd letter.
    Characters that could be interchanged, indeed, would save money in the days of moveable type which is why they look so similar. Now we are onto the R. So we have Sami_Darkangel. The 7th letter in his name is an R. Subtract the amount of A's in his name to get 4 as ur subtracting 3. Now count the 4th letter in walrus. Omg it's an R! That cannot be a coincidence. Now we have the u. This one was harder to find but I did find it. I assume it was so hard because there's not a "u" in the name Sami_Darkangel, but then I realised...sami doesn't like factions which has no u, but survival does! The 2nd letter is a U so you know what that means? Wall-E 2 never came out so let's look at that. The letter u is the 21st letter in the alphabet, 5 away from the end so if we look at the 5th letter in Ben Burtt, the sound producer Of Wall-E we see that it's a U!!! Wall-E may be a robot. But so far we have discovered...sami is not. However u may still not believe me so let's prove u wrong! So where does the s come from you may be asking. Well on may 5th he sent me a meme. As you know he tends to use the 5 for the beginning of his name instead of an s. So if we look at this here[​IMG]
    May is the 5th month right and he sent it on the 5th, so I guess this was his final clue from the start...he really emphasized the 5 in that day so I knew it had to be Look at the url. The 5th letter is a s!!!! There you go everyone sami is not a bot but a WALRUS!
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  5. Sami_Darkangel

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    I'm neither gonna confirm nor deny your assertion. :p
  6. cp12cwp

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    The evidence is here! I must call judge Judy
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    Mightynutella cute.
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    WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN!?!?!? my head is gonna explode.
    Plz reword this.

    How do you count to 12 and suddenly get to 9?!?! No logic im confused.
  12. RazotayX

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    I refuse to accept this! sami is no walrus! he is the most bestest competentest bot that existeth. yes, verymuch so.
  13. cp12cwp

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    12th number*
  14. RazotayX

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    Sami is not a walrus, i can confirm :)
    As you know xMetu is his alt , so the fact , Sami is a catto bot :D
  16. cp12cwp

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    bruh i have to remember 200 drugs name and their mechanism and ppl here arguing over a botty

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