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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by dsingh, Oct 26, 2019.

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  1. dsingh

    dsingh Fresh Spawn

    Username: Poolmonter

    Rank(s): Poolmonter:Iron
    Shop Coordinates: -1498 33 6248 - facing North

    Shop Tag color: &2 /warp Book {color Blue}

    Additions: /shops listing, Icon --> Book _ Description --> @Noob ? >v<
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2019
  2. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    Do you have any screenshots?
  3. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    Nikkepvp needs a donor rank to have a license to sell things at a shop.
  4. dsingh

    dsingh Fresh Spawn

    no ok u can take him off the list then
  5. dsingh

    dsingh Fresh Spawn

    i dident know he had to be donor
  6. dsingh

    dsingh Fresh Spawn

  7. dsingh

    dsingh Fresh Spawn

  8. xMetu

    xMetu Active Member

    Stock more stuff such as: logs.
  9. dsingh

    dsingh Fresh Spawn

    logs would not be stocked up yet till nikkepvp get his rank
    im trying to sell book only for now
  10. dsingh

    dsingh Fresh Spawn

    nikkepvp owns the log section but he does not have a donor rank so it shows coming soon
  11. Hinazuki

    Hinazuki Fresh Spawn

    Can you please change the description you want for /Shop listing? It's kinda similar to mine lol , and idk if it's just me but the screenshots you posted seems to not work.
  12. TheDarkside14

    TheDarkside14 Fresh Spawn

    Yeah, I don`t see any screenshots. So I can't really tell if it is good or not. Please put some screenshots. Thanks!
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