An Updated Guide to CC Survival [Map 5]

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    Updated: 07/Nov/2019 (Map 5)

    Welcome to Conspiracy Craft Survival! As Minecraft itself and server plug-ins receive updates, some features from the posts in the past might have been changed. Here I would like to make an updated guide to the server.

    Please click on the spoilers to gather the information that you need. Available /commands are shown in aqua.

    Beginner: I am new to CC Survival.

    First minute - How to get into the game?

    Welcome to Map 5. The version is 1.14.4. You spawn in an underground cave village, which you can get back by
    /spawn at any time.

    We currently do not have a command to random teleport (no /wild nor /rtp) - And that most of you would wonder how to get into the actual survival realm. To do so, you have to first swim through the water tunnels to the surface. There are two tunnels, both look like pools, one is lowered between the houses and the other is risen towards the shop manager villagers. If you are not good at swimming, you might as well do /warp beach to be sent to the surface of spawn as an alternative.

    Then on the surface of spawn, there are 3 exits out of spawn protected area. 2 of them is on the sea leading North and West, and the other 1 is leading South towards the land. Most of the land right next to spawn is claimed, so you may need to proceed to further land for a free spot. The ways are vanilla: You either swim, walk, run, sail a boat, whatever you like.

    /wild is back with 8hr 20min cool down, so use it to get to wild land. The wild portal at spawn is just an execution of the command, and counts in for the cool down as well. Beware of monsters and phantoms as well, it is in hard mode.

    When you get to a spot you like, check if the land is claimed by right clicking with the
    Claim Checker stick. (Any given stick will do the same.) If no one has claimed right on or close to the spot, boom, this land may be yours. You have a place to start your survival.

    Note: World border in Overworld is +- 30K.
    Here's my spot - How to properly establish a base?

    A base is not only a shelter to avoid hostile mobs, but also a place where you carry out all your Minecraft work, survival, and for storage. There are two things you need to know to build a safe, conveninent base. 1: To save a tp point and; 2: To protect your builds.

    • To save a tp point that you can teleport back, what you do is /sethome <name> right on spot. The name is optional, and if you do not name it whatsoever, it's deafult name is "home". To get back to that point, you do /home <name>. You are advised to test it once you have set the home. You have only 1 slot for the home if you are not a donor. I will tell you later about getting more homes.
    • To protect your builds, you will need to claim your land. There are a few ways to do so, and the recommended way is by your Claiming Tool golden shovel. (Any golden shovel will do the same.) You right click on one corner of the desired spot, and you will see a diamond block, and "Claim corner set!" message in chat. Then you hold the shovel and go to the diagonal opposite corner for the other corner. Pay a close attention to the chat.
      • If it shows "Claim created" message, and the claim corner shows glowstones, and gold blocks indicates your claim edges, your claim is successfully created.
      • If it shows error messages instead, follow and check the reasons. The restrictions of the claims are:
        • It must be at least 100 blocks in area;
        • It must be at least 5 blocks wide;
        • It must not overlap any other claims (including the ones you created yourself)
        • You must have the natural permission to build (you cannot claim spawn, end main island, pvp arena, and else).
      • Fix and follow the restrictions and you will eventually get a claim.
    /trust <player> will allow your friend to build with you in the given claim. It will be introduced in Intermediate: Claim II.
    Power Level, Coins, and Claim Blocks - What are these on my scoreboard?

    On the right hand side of your screen, there is a scoreboard. You will see 3 sets of data: Power level, Coins, and Claim Blocks.

    • The Power Level is your McMMO skills level. There is a range of skills that you can explore. Check /McMMO for the full list of skills, and /<skillname> to check the details of the specific ones. To skill up, you have to do actions according to the skill. For example, you use swords to harm mobs to gain /swords skill levels. The maximum level of each skill is 100, and all the skills adds up to your Power Level.
      • For older players, please note we have removed McMMO titles ([II], [III], [IV], etc) and /race (Human, Elf, Orc). The only ranks now are donor ranks.
    • Coins is the currency of the survival server. It is used for purchasing items and trading like a Towny system.
      • To get Coins, you have various ways to earn money. For the easiest, /sell, /ah and /vote are a few ways. Here's a brief introduction:
        • /sell: There is a list of items that you can sell to the server. To check the prices, do /worth while holding the item, or /worth <item> when you don't have it. Then do /sell [hand / <itemname> / inventory / <itemname> -1 to sell the items. You will understand the mechanics of the mentioned by typing in bare /sell empty. Another tips is that mining (Ores) and agricultural (Beetroot, Wheat, Carrots, Potatos) usually give you the greatest revenue.
        • /ah (Auction House): Auction House is a plugin that you can cell items to players. You can join the listing by /ah sell <price> whilst holding the given item. There will be a tax of 2% upon listing. If you list an item for 0 coins, there will be no tax and no confirmation page will be shown. A player have a maximum of 5 slots for /ah selling.
        • /vote: Vote is to cast vote in a Minecraft server website. You get Common Key in reward. Through the Common Keys, you have a chance to receive cash reward through Common Crates at /warp crates.
        • Further introductions will be given in later paragraphs.
      • To use Coins, there are certainly more ways to spend your wealth. /shops or /warp <shop name> brings you to a licenced shop, which usually has fair prices. /ah also provides you a list of player sold items where you can find good deals, but the prices float.
        • For old players from Map 4, please note the currency now is 1/10 of then. (10K before = 1K now).
    • Claim Blocks is the amount of claim area you're left to spend. You start with 1K claim blocks, and get more claim blocks from your online play time. The maximum claim blocks you can get from time (natural gain) is 20K. Extra claim blocks can be obtained through claim block vouchers and /buy on buycraft shop with real life money. /BuyClaim is also a way to buy extra claim blocks for 20 coins per block, but the price is expensive comparatively. Check /claimlist for the details of your claims.
    Useful commands - What plugins can I possibly mess my chat bar with?

    The server is also filled with plug-ins and commands. Here's a few worth noting for non-donors.

    • There are various private message commands. /t <player> <message>, /msg <player> <message>, /w <player> <message> are a few of these. The messages in private will be displayed in yellow. To reply message in pivate, do /r <message> (currently buggy).
      • Another tip is that the <player> name do not necessary need to be in full username, as long as the short form (i.e. deafult nickname) is detected by the system as of /realname mechanism. E.g. If a user is named AbellioMinecraft, you can do "Abellio", or even "Ab". Same applies to most of other commands.
    • /tpa <playername> teleports you towards the given player. It requires the receiver to do /tpaccept to start your teleportation process. The process proceeds immediately upon acceptance, so you are advised not to move and wait for the cool down to start right away.
    • /motd (Message of The Day) displays the Welcome Box again.
    • /HelpOp will let you leave a message for staff in case of emergency (when you need help actually). Please use it wisely. You may also consider using #tickets or #assistance on Discord server, and it may be responded quicker as it is in-real-life messages.
    • /seen <player> shows the last online of the player.
    • /realname <nickname> shows the account name of a /nick -ed player (i.e. donors).
    • /bal checks the coins you own explicit to cents. /bal <player> checks that of others. /baltop is the rank of wealth (i.e. CC Fobes).
    • /help displays a list of command (but not always useful, nor is it complete).
    The list is not complete and there are certainly more to be discovered. Donor commands may be introduced in further chapters.
    I don't want to be a naughty boy - How to abide by the rules?

    Players are advised to clearly read rules before they start. However, here there are some highlights to it, which beginners might offend easily:

    • Griefing refers to an act building upon or destroying someone's structures. It doesn't matter if the structure is claimed or not. If the structure is apparently not natural nor is it random placement, do not touch the given structure.
    • Troll Claiming refers to an act which summons a claim near or upon anyone's build or back to back next to anyone's claim, in a purpose to block or troll the player's work. Basically, it will be reported first and the claim owner will be asked to remove the claim if it applies. The rule doesn't apply to agreed claims like friends, nor to populated area near spawn.
    • AFK Grinding refers to an act of grinding exp or McMMO experience without physical involvement in the game. You should sit (or stand, whatever) in front of the computer whenever you want to gain any experience or McMMO points. Getting those while AFK (Away From Keyboard) is not allowed. Offenders are often punnished by building AFK fishing machine, AFK dog grinding, and else. The only purpose for a donor to do /afk is to load the chunk for spawners and crops growth, not directly gaining skills.
    • Redstone Clocks refers to machines which gives out repeating redstone signals on its own. They are banned for causing server lag. Please spam a switch if you would really like the blinking signals. Full Auto Farms (0-tick cactus farms) are also not allowed for the same reason.
    • Tp Kill / Overworld Kill refers to illegal assassination of players through /tpa, and killing them in the overworld respectively. PvP is activated in Nether which is the most frequent crime scene for tp kill. Meanwhile, killing players through glitches or indirect ways physically is also illegal. Do not send or accept random tps from players as well. Please note teleporting a player to a state that does not allow escape teleportation (possibly by giving them non-death harms simultaneously) will fall into Tp Troll offence.
    • Spamming / Flooding refers to chat violations which a player keep sending same messages, or sending a long chain of meaningless characters respectively. Mutes are expected if they do not stop upon warning.
    • Swearing in bad words, as well as Bypassing Chat Filter with a purpose as same to swear, is not allowed. In a nutshell, saying "F*** you" (censored) in chat is a swear while attempting "Frick you" with a crystal clear goal to rage is a bypass.
      • Update: "fuck", "*****" and "shit" words are now allowed in chat, but please swear wisely without spreading unpleasantness. Please note other sexual fouls and discriminating languages are still banned.
    It is always advised to speak out and ask if your are not sure about the rules. Staff will assist you whenever possible, as well as senior players.

    Intermediate: I am familiar with CC Survival
    Let's try our luck - What do I get in crates?

    Through crates is a way to obtain rare, or even unique rewards. They are redeemed using the
    keys (shown like tripwire hook) respectively. To redeem crates, do /warp crates and right click on the crates holding the keys. Left click to view the specified rewards of a crates.

    Here is a brief introduction to the crates:

    • Common Crate: Common Key is obtained through /vote. To gain the crate keys in survival, you must be online when you vote on the site. The keys will be inserted into your inventory once you have voted. The crate itself currently gives out 3 category of rewards: Extra Claim Blocks (directly added), Cash and Vanilla Exp points.
    • Rare Crate: Rare Key is sold on Tebex CC store (/buy or /buycraft) for USD $1 each or USD $20 for a bundle of 25 keys. The rewards include: Mystery Boxes, Spawners, Claim Blocks Vouchers, Cash and (rarely) Rank Vouchers. The Mystery Box chests can be stored stacked and be used later. (Shulker Mystery Boxes cannot be stacked).
    • Legendary Crate: Legendary Key is sold for USD $2 each or usd $38 for a bundle of 25 keys. The rewards are similar but more worthy than that of Rare Crate.
    Here is a shortlist by reward of the most desired from crates:
    • Legendary Tools (Efficiency VI): Legendary Crate -> Legendary Mystery Box / Legendary Shulker Box
    • Spawners:
      • Zombie Spawner: Rare Crate
      • Spider Spawner: Rare Crate
      • Skeleton Spawner: Rare Crate, Legendary Crate
      • Blaze Spawner: Legendary Crate
      • Creeper Spawner: Legendary Crate
    • Spawn Eggs (Panda, Fox): Legendary Crate -> Legendary Mystery Box
    • Rank Vouchers:
      • Iron Rank Voucher: Rare Crate, Legendary Crate
      • Gold Rank Voucher: Rare Crate, Legendary Crate
      • Diamond Rank Voucher: Legendary Crate
    • Mystery Boxes will be introduced later.
    Time to modify claims - Advanced guide on claims

    Claim Protection plugin is, of course, introduced to protect claims - But not only that, here you will be introduced more about claim and permission modification.

    There are 4 tiers of trust in the system, from lowest to highest:
    /AccessTrust, /ContainerTrust, /trust (/BuildTrust), and /PermissionTrust.
    • /AccessTrust allows the player to physically contact with redstone: open doors, control buttons, etc.
    • /ContainerTrust allows the player to have access to containers: chests, furnaces, hoppers, etc., as well as to have the permission of the previous tier trusts.
    • /BuildTrust (in general /trust) allows the player to modify blocks: build and destroy, as well as to have the permission of the previous tier trusts.
    • /PermissionTrust is the highest tier trust which is separated from previous trusts. It allows the player check /TrustList, and further give trust permissions (in previous 3 trusts) to other players.
    • /TrustList will show a list of the trusted players when checked on the claim.
    • Note: A chest shop overrides all of the given permissions and will only be accessible and destroyed by the owner of it only.
    To Resize Claim, Click on the corner of a claim, and click again at the new desired corner.

    To Remove a Claim, do
    /unclaim whilst standing inside the given claim. To remove ALL Claims, do /AbandonAllClaims after you have thought twice about it.

    Claim Subdivision
    is to partially grant permissions in a section inside a claim. To subdivide claim, left click a Gold Shovel and select the given option. The claiming corners mechanism works as same as normal claims. Subdivided land will be shown in iron and white wool when checked with a stick. To grant permissions of a subdivided claim, do /trust while standing inside the subdivided land. A subdivided claim does not take up claim blocks count.

    To allow mining, Untouched Claims will not be protected under a certain level if nothing is being placed. When checked, the blocks will show "no one has claimed this block", but the claim on the surface still activates and cannot be claimed by others. Once the owner modify the level claim, the protection will take effect to that height.

    Most of the claim options will be shown once left-clicked the
    Gold Shovel.
    Time to team up - What is a party?

    A party is formed by a group of players. It allows the party members to form a smaller team apart from the global players.
    /party is the general command for it.

    Here are some functions of a party:

    /p (/PartyChat)

    To be continued - still editing
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    Slight correction here.
    /worh -> /worth

    Not sure about this one, but I think this one's a donor perk, similar to /heal, /god, /near, and /invsee.

    Others look good to me. It's definitely useful when the server itself doesn't give those tips.
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    Thanks, I'll make a change to the given mistakes.:p

    I hope we will get an assistance board right at spawn soon:cool:
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    Really great for a beginner. Noice job! :D
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    Update to Rules I - Swearing: the original word of "b1tch" is allowed in server chat but is censored here.
    Again, please moderate the language and do not use them to flame toxicity.
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    Saying fuck is allowed retard.

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