Commuton (Community Apartments) 2019/02

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    Commuton (Community Apartments) 2019/02

    This is an introduction to a community housing project.

    What is Commuton?
    Commuton (pronounced COMMUnist + wellingTON) is a privately developed community housing project, located at south-west spawn. It aims to provide basic housing aids to newbies and those having harsh lives in CC hard mode survival. It will consist of 48 apartment flats upon completion.

    How does the apartments work?
    Commuton apartments provides rent / lend only apartments which cannot be built or changed. Only Container Trust will be given explicit to the residents at the exact spot. The apartments are well equipped and provides a reasonable storage space, so there is no need for extra build.
    However, due to subdivision claim restrictions, the apartments of the same spot, on different floor levels, can access to the ones above / below them. Hence, we will let residents create shop sign security once as they move in. It will be explained in details later.

    How can one move in?
    Commuton is welcomed to everyone with a need for shelter. For newbies and less-fortunate non-donors, applications will easily be accepted upon request, and they will be absolutely free. An apartment can hold up to 2 people if the applicants requested.
    Renting may still be accepted for those who really want the apartments, yet exceeds wealth / background check. (We will basically check your /ec or /invsee to see if you really need aid. You know what I mean wealthy.) A one-time 1.2K rent will be charged.
    Appplications or visit project: Please /t or /mail JFK9411 (under construction, but we will provide you an apartment asap).

    How does the chest shop security work?
    Basically, once a chest shop is made, it overrides claim permission and no one else has access / can destroy the chests in any given circumstances. In this case, we suggest residents creating a sell bedrock / air chest shop, which apparently will create a protection and will not bother the actual economy matters. (No one can get the exact items to sell.) A one-time build permission will be given for this purpose. Residents moving out will be required to remove the signs in a similar way.
    Basically the above is the brief introduction of the project. If you are deeply interested in the project, these are some further details.

    How much does the project cost?
    Each apartment flat costs approximately 950 coins for all facilities and equipment, which accounts for a total of over 40K for the whole project. (That's why we charge a reasonable 1.2K rent for those less needy.) The cost is indeed expensive, yet if it could help shape a better community and is properly used, it is worth it.

    How is the project construction ongoing?
    We have just launched the project and quickly building up the apartments. The only limitation by now is the building speed. We expect to complete the project by mid November.

    Can I participate in the project?
    We sincerely welcome anyone who would like to help the project. We are looking for Apartment managers (manage in / out applications) and Builders currently.
    We currently do not have much difficulties in financing, but if you might want to fund the project, feel free to pay me JFK.

    Can I ask further questions?
    Yes. You will not be taxed by now, so don't worry.
    You might be taxed latah.
    Signed by President John F. Kennedy

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    The given information will be restructured and posted on the spot of Commuton, in game, later.

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