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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Algol Vela, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Algol Vela

    Algol Vela Fresh Spawn

    I talked to some folks and everyone said a suggestion like this should go to the forums, so, here we are. This is just a small idea I'd like to present to you.
    A lot of people like foxes, and so do I. At the same time, a whole dimension called the End is quite empty and monotonous. So why not bring some life and quirkiness to it with...


    Aren't they adorable? I'm using an enderfox reskin over snow foxes (really sorry ;_; ) in singleplayer, but, with a bit of programming, I thought it should be possible to actually bring them into the game as additional mobs. Their properties would likely be these:
    • Using the new enderfox skin of course, either the version shown below (less derpy eyes) or adjusted to regular fox skin.
    • Spawning in the End's chorus plant fields, in smaller groups just like other foxes in taigas.
    • Breeding could be done with chorus fruits. Inter-breeding with other foxes may be complicated though.
    • They would also behave like regular foxes, defending a player they trust from attacks. Them going at endermen of their own seems like a stretch, but maybe they like to grab a bite of shulkers? Perhaps they could even occasionally tear down a chorus plant to obtain chorus fruits, much like they do with sweet berries.
    And here's some screenshots to showcase what enderfoxes look like. 2019-10-09_21.56.58.png
    2019-05-16_22.24.44.png 2019-10-09_21.57.19.png
  2. YMbrothers

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    I'd say that this fox isn't a great suggestion. Hear me out:

    1. You probably don't know how people add custom mobs in Minecraft servers, but it's not that easy. First, other than endermen, there's nothing else naturally spawning randomly in the End island. This means that the devs have to code their own spawning algorithm to spawn a new type of mob. Second, re-texturing a fox is easy, but to make them go for a random chorus fruit tree also means extra path-finding codes. Third, I don't know if foxes eat chorus fruit or not. If not, it's another huge chunk of extra code to make your chorus fruit work on a fox. Fourth, foxes don't fly and shulkers usually hang mid-air.

    2. If you can breed them, this means you can get infinite amount of them. That calls for exploit if they can chop down chorus fruit.

    3. Why do you want an enderfox? Isn't the normal fox cute enough?

    4. A peaceful animal-type mob in the End sounds off-topic. The devs can make something else more interesting.

    Hate me if you want to. Most suggestions in this forum section won't be used anyways.
  3. Algol Vela

    Algol Vela Fresh Spawn

    Ok, first, I won't throw a tantrum just because someone has an opinion that differs from mine. In regards to your arguments:
    1. You're right, I don't know anything about coding and stuff, just somehow assumed it should be possible to extend the range of spawning biomes by a few, while setting conditions for the mob in question to use another variant. The way you explain it, it does sound way more complicated, and uderstandable that nobody would bother with it for just one mob. The part about foxes going after chorus plants and shulkers was more of a secondary idea, I understand that it gets complicated there quickly.
    2. Not sure if I understand what the exploit would be exactly. It shouldn't turn out too different from sweet berry farms, besides the amount of chorus fruit you can get. But you can chop down the whole plant manually just as well, like presumably everyone with a chorus farm does anyway. Then again, enderfoxes jumping at chorus plants might cause lag (?), also see point 1.
    3. I want them because they're cute :D all of them equally. Don't you want more of the things you like?
    4. Well... there's only two mobs besides the ender dragon anyways, and that's just not that many. Enderfoxes would increase that number to three, bringing some more variety to the dimension. Personally, I generally think of the End as a peaceful place. And endermen aren't hostile by default. But enderfoxes might fit better if they behaved more like wolves, in the sense that they get hostile if attacked (not sure if standard foxes do, I would never attack them). Maybe even like zombie pigmen, call other mobs around for defense, although again, that'd significantly increase the difficulty in programming. Other than that, yes! More mobs would definitely be great in general, how come we don't see clever suggestions all around...
    So that's my viewpoint. And yes, I expected people to say it's pointless and too complicated to do for the little benefits it offers... but just for the small chance of the idea catching on, I think it's worth a try.

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