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Do you agree with some of the suggestions.

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  1. Hans00

    Hans00 Fresh Spawn

    1 - Make /sethomes obtainable through Mcmmo
    You can't expect everyone to be able to purchase more homes from the shop, they need to be obtainable through other ways. Imagine not having a donor rank and only playing with 1 home throughout the whole map, that is actually unplayable, you have pay to play.
    2 - Make Rare/Legendary keys obtainable through playing
    The fun thing about bosses last map was that you didn't have to pay IRL money to get keys, you could grind your way and fight bosses and get those rare keys, bring that back.
    3 - Make crops/blocks sell for 50% more
    The way it is right now is just so grindy, and grinding is not fun, you can grind one week or even a month then people will get bored and leave. Crops sell for such a low price that it's not even worth it. A stack of carrots can sell for 40$ when in a shop, 1 sea lantern costs 50$. you can't even buy basic stuff.
    4 - More drops from mobs
    With the low spawn rates caused by the lag which is understandable, it is only fair if the drops also increase, if we're getting 50% less spawns, we should also get 50% more drops to balance it out.
    5 - Remove the Mcmmo cap
    6 - /God /fly in the nether

    Exploring the nether is least exciting thing you can do in the game, usually you're only doing it to get materials, why does it have to be dangerous without /god or /fly, we had those perks last map and it didn't cause any issues, I'm sure everyone would like to have them back, it's not like in the end where you can just use an Elytra and fly in a straight line, the nether requires /fly.
    7 - Diamond rank should have reserved slots when the server is full
    8 - Make Shulkers not count towards the mob cap

    That is just stupid, imagine travelling 1000 blocks to finally find an end city and oh well half of them just despawned, good luck with that.
    9 - More 1.14 village and pillage features
    we can't have lots of villagers, we can't make them zombies and cure them, we also can't have raids.
    map 5 is basically 1.13 with a few extra blocks. Most of the 1.14 features are disabled.
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  2. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    I give a +1 to the 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 9 suggestion.
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  3. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    I agree with osleya. Exactly what I want. Nothing else
  4. JFK9411

    JFK9411 Member

    1 - Yes. At least two /home is needed. Non donors cannot even move their houses or bases without a bunch of shulkers.
    2 - I am not sure about bosses as the non-donors didn't see much participation in med to high level bosses. They cannot get the keys easily anyway; On the other hand, the vote crate should include a rare chance for higher tier keys, just like last map. Besides, the crates in crates reward is complicated. Maybe the whole crate system could be changed.
    3 - The /sell prices rather needs a balance. 0.78 for wheat / beetroot and 0.62 for carrot / potato is indeed enough, but others need changes. Stone and dirt still /worth the same by this moment.
    4 - I suggest sorting out mob lag instead. It is hard mode which zombies and skeles give out a fruitful amount of armor, and with grindstone disenchant, you can easily obtain raw armor for sale. I believe we instead need to sort out mob stacking / limit issues, to eventually give a reasonable amount of revenue from grinding.
    5 -
    6 - Basically we need to remove Nether pvp to get /god and /fly, which I am looking forward to. If the resources are exploited too quickly, I suggest truly imposing the monthly reset for Nether.
    7, 8, 9 - Completely agree.

    +2 for this post. I love your suggestions a lot.
  5. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    stub a toe

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