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    The time has come for the official Map 17 post. The release date is set, and in this thread will be everything that you need to know about Map 17. This release is one which we have spent an enormous amount of time on trying to make it the best it can be. There have been a lot of internal issues throughout the development which have caused it to be delayed so much, and if it means anything to you, I am sorry. It's not acceptable to have to wait so long for a map. That being said, let's get into it.

    Our goal with this map was to completely refine our entire Factions experience. If you ask any CC player what the best era was for Factions, they will all say Map 12. Map 12 was just a relatively simple medieval style of factions with a modest amount of custom enchants. So we began development of the gamemode with the base of Map 12 and have made it far better than it was. It is also going to be our first non-op map in a very, very long time. All of the vanilla enchants are maxed out at their normal values.

    Map 17 Updates, Changes & Information

    New Level Designs

    We started out with the base of Map 12 like I mentioned above, and turned it into something much better. It has everything that made Map 12 feel good, but every aspect of it has been transformed and improved. I find it sad that other faction servers do a very sloppy job with their level design. It's typically a pasted in spawn they bought from a random build team, barely even modifying the terrain around it; and a warzone which is extremely lacking in detail, rushed, and not even fun to PvP in.

    Here are some nice screenshots:

    Builds aren't everything, but feeling like you are playing in a high quality, carefully crafted environment that matches the game's theme is very important. I would like to give a special shoutout to @DIMISS, @Billynguy, @YouBeCombo, and @KingR4yv3n for lending a hand with this massive build project.


    The combat this map is a lot better than past maps. The days of op golden apple pvp are over. You can actually kill other players without their armor breaking if you're good. Enchanted golden apples are completely disabled. Normal golden apples are still enabled, and they don't have a cooldown.

    In the past, our warzone has either been in a separate world or surrounded by barriers. That's not the case anymore. If you want to escape the warzone and run for your life, or to a trap, you can do that. There is a pretty big buffer zone between the mountains and the wilderness, however. So, traps won't be too close to KoTHs.

    We've balanced the custom enchants well with McMMO so that incoming damage is more predictable and pvp isn't just potting and eating a golden apple every few seconds either, if you have a good set.

    Other changes:
    • Bow boosting has been disabled. Many of you will be very happy about this :D
    • Everyone has the same pearl cooldown (15s)

    Faction Size

    There will be 15 man factions and no allies.


    This map, coins are the main currency. All of the buy and sell prices in the shops have been scaled down 10x for a more natural feel. For example, last map Iron Golems costed $2m, this map, they are 200k Coins. There is now one higher tier spawner than IGs, Guardians. Their drops have been modified so they only drop shards.

    Sell chests have been removed, since they made AFK'ing too overpowered.

    The Blacksmith is a new npc where you can sell armor and weapons for varying prices. The amount of enchants you have on an item will make the price go up or down. Rarer and higher level enchants are worth more than others. This is a nice way to make money if you want to sell your loot from other things or if you like grinding armor.


    We've revamped the entire boss system. There are 9 new bosses that each feel a lot different to fight. The lower tier ones are pretty easy, but the mid to higher ones are very challenging and require a team to beat them. There's a variety of loot that you can obtain from the bosses, but they are mostly good for XP, money, gear and spawners.

    There are no longer eggs for spawning the bosses in. They spawn randomly in an area known as the Crypt, which is basically a mini-dungeon under the Warzone. PvP is enabled in the Crypt, as well, so be careful. Also something important to know is that you cannot enter or leave the Crypt while you have your combat tag. This is to prevent portal abuse during combat. If it is an issue we can find another work around to improve it.

    You can follow the "blood" trail to the Crypt from the drop area, as seen here.


    Cannoning has been improved. We tested several cannons on the test server with a few cannoners and there didn't seem to be any issues.

    Classes Removed

    A few months ago when we did a poll about classes, you guys voted for having a more in-depth class system. We were planning on doing that, but after coming up with some perks for each class, I came to the conclusion that we were just adding too many complexities to what shouldn't be a very complex gamemode.

    McMMO Revamp

    McMMO has been a core feature of both of our servers for a long time. It has always been paired with a rankup system, and now that we removed the rankup system, there's a good reason for there to not be pointless skills. Unarmed, Woodcutting, Excavation and Taming have been disabled.

    The combat skills have been tweaked and they are all enabled. They do enough damage to be worth grinding, but not too much.

    All skills now have a max of level 100, and the max power level is also 100. To reach level 100, you have to max out each stat.


    You can now complete quests for money. There's a fully custom quest system that you can choose to grind if you please. There's nothing at the end of it that can only be obtained from doing them, but the further you get in your quest progression, there's more that can be made from grinding them. Some quests can only be completed once, while others have a cooldown period from 1 to 7 days.

    Use the /quest command to open the quest gui.


    All of the donor kits have been updated. There are no more "op" enchants, so they max out at protection 4 and sharpness 5.

    Custom Enchants

    Due to popular demand, we have added custom enchants back to the mix. We've kept them relatively simple. There is not a max enchant amount per item, but they all work good with each other.

    There are no chunk busters, but we have added better trench picks. Blast doesn't drop blocks anymore, but it has a much wider radius, going up to 9x9x9 for Blast III.

    There are a minimal amount of debuff enchants, and a wide variety of others. Rage, Valor and Overload are probably some of the more memorable ones that are making a return. Rage has been reworked so we can control how much extra damage it does, instead of just being 2x, 3x etc. Rage takes a lot longer to build up to the max, too so it isn't nearly as devastating.

    Chat & Tab Updates

    The tab list now shows what faction you are in and what relation it is to you. Ranks are no longer shown on tab.


    The chat was cleaned up a lot by removing tags and adding faction tags back. If you guys still prefer tags over this after the SOTW, then just let us know. If you've bought a custom tag, and we decide to not add tags back, you can have a $15 Gift Card for the store.


    Player Vaults

    Vaults have been removed. They give too much of an unfair advantage.

    New Crates

    Four new crates are in the spawn. Rare and Legendary are the paid crates, and King and Chaos are obtainable from KoTHs. Winning KoTH will give a King key, and winning a Chaos KoTH will reward a Chaos key.

    Voting has been re-enabled. There is no vote crate anymore, however, you get a certain amount of money from voting and that is it. There is one vote site.


    There are three new outposts. Each one has different perks whenever you capture it. Only one can be captured at a time.

    Spawn NPCs

    The shop system has been improved greatly. There are NPCs at spawn that open each individual /shop when clicking on them, which is nice for new players or those who are just at spawn and don't feel like doing commands. You can still use /shop, and it will open a new menu. It's more organized and has more items than before.

    Ftop Competition

    A total of $525 will be rewarded to the top factions on the /ftop leaderboard. $300 of that is USD, and the other $225 is Buycraft.
    Week 1: - September 28th - October 4th
    > Grace period, no rewards
    > TNT will be disabled until week 2
    Week 2: - October 5th - October 11th
    > 1st place - $100 USD
    > 2nd place - $50 Buycraft Gift Card
    > 3rd place - $25 Buycraft Gift Card
    Week 3: - October 12th - October 18th
    > 1st place - $100 USD
    > 2nd place - $50 Buycraft Gift Card
    > 3rd place - $25 Buycraft Gift Card
    Week 4: October 19th - October 25th
    > 1st place - $100 USD
    > 2nd place - $50 Buycraft Gift Card
    > 3rd place - $25 Buycraft Gift Card

    Map Length & Events

    The map will last 4 weeks. The first week of the map will be the grace period, and the remaining 3 weeks will have three winners chosen each Friday at 11 pm EST until the map is over. The rewards will be sent out shortly after they are chosen.

    The winners for the map will be calculated on October 25th, 11 PM EST (Friday). Factions will remain online until after the EOTW event. The following day, on Saturday, the EOTW event will be held at 3 PM EST.

    We are currently thinking of ways to improve the event so that it isn't so chaotic. They haven't been planned very well on our part, so it leads to confusion for you guys. On map 16's EOTW, we tried taking perms so everyone had the same permissions, but it backfired on us because that enabled several McMMO skills like Serrated Strikes and messed up potion buying perms. Feel free to suggest your own ideas for the EOTW.


    Duels have been removed, unfortunately. Duels aren't a strong suit of ours currently, so they will not be coming back unless we are able to improve the dueling experience.


    The only monetization map 17 will have is ranks and keys. There's nothing else that will be sold in the store other than cosmetics, like tags, if we add those back. This also means that unbans for purchase have been removed as well.

    Worlds & Borders

    On map 16 we tried a new multi-world system with very small worlds, where they had the corners already dug out. We got rid of all of that this map. I think it was an awkward addition at best, and confusing to new players. On map 17, there are only three worlds, like in vanilla. The corners are not pre-dug, so you will need to whip out your blast picks boys.

    Overworld - 20k border
    End - 3k border (flat world)
    Nether - 10k border (no claiming)

    Faction Strikes (please read)

    If someone in your faction is caught cheating (xray included), your faction will receive a strike right here on this thread. If your faction receives three strikes, it will be disqualified from winning any further ftop rewards for the map.

    Faction Name // Faction Leader // Strikes (I-III)

    Curse // YouBeCombo // II
    // BlazeRektYou // I

    Release Information

    Start of the World:
    Saturday, September 28th at 3 PM EST
    Countdown: https://itsalmo.st/factions-map-17-adyd

    FTop Competition Ends:
    Friday, October 25th at 11 PM EST

    End of the World:
    Saturday, October 26th after the EOTW event is over

    There will be a 75% off sale for the first two hours of the map. After that, it will go down to 50% off for the remainder of the weekend.

    If this post is edited or if anything changes before the release, I will put the edits under here and in a reply so you get notified.

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    so long oh yeah. okay, those outposts seem a bit ridiculous. 3x speed and 1.15x dmg multiplier, is that enabled only in the "pvp" zones or will it be out in wilderness/fac claimed areas? i do agree with the faction strikes. pvs was one of the biggest perks of donating a high rank, don't like the fact that they're gone. 15 man facs are pretty small.. 4 weeks is a very short period for a map, not sure how i feel about that. rip eotw god tag :(
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    For once I’m hyped as fuck
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    If pvs r gone, wt will they be replaced with? Like will there be a new donor command or just nothing?

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    ok man 15 people a fac srs
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    might have to play : )
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    lookin' gud
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    .... i got school
  10. YouBeCombo

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    What about those people who are hiding f top value?
    They will just place there f top value at the end and call it a day
  11. AYYITZDJK123

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    yeah ... and if its weekly payouts there just going to mine there values after being paid ;)
  12. _Annerose_

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    my mcmmo is r u i n e d ;-;

    can you just release the map at same day as survival? (survival was still open while facs had to go down but opens first before facs xd)
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    i a
    agreed :)
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    thank you.
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    Add a rule so you cant hide more than 500mill ftop value
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    Can they really prove that they'd be hiding it tho? Easily distributing it to ppl or even alts, that would take ages to find. Maybe like the last 3 days of each week the spawners have to be placed? Like staff could be like "place spawners between wednesday - friday and we will count ftop randomly on 1 of those days" or something along those lines. Because placing them for a set time everyday is just gonna make it impossible to raid someone successfully.

    Edit: Maybe add a rule like. Cannot mine spawners until <insert Time here> after ftop is given
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    Last map they did the last 4 days thingy but people will just hide them in seperate bases/chunks around the map id say make rule so your value can only be in your main base
  18. cp12cwp

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    +1 on that idea
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    hmmm, yum yum
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    I’m so ready for this!!:D:D

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