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Do i deserve to get unbanned ?

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  1. Githendra Perera

    Githendra Perera Fresh Spawn








    my friend play minecraft until i finish some stuff and he left after. He didn’t told why and when i checked i got banned. The reason was xray. The only mods i use is optifine when I play
  2. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Doesnt sound like a valid excuse. You are responsible for your account and you should not have left it open for your friend to be playing on to begin with because that is not allowed. Also, it doesn't look like you put any work into this and also haven't heard any evidence of this and staff can't just take your word for it or many people would stay unbanned even though they hack. I highly suggest if you were telling the truth to somehow prove it, however even having the exploit on your computer is not allowed. For some reason I find it highly unreasonable for your friend to download hacks to use on your account.
  3. ObiWanKenobi

    ObiWanKenobi Fresh Spawn

    Tell more about what happened hahaha, cuz alot of people who doesnt know you may just say you dont deserve it, but ive seen you in the server and i know you cant hack ,cuz you spent too much time on this server hah.
  4. ObiWanKenobi

    ObiWanKenobi Fresh Spawn

    and i got banned for kind a same stupid reason, i just havent checked what reason and which files on it when i played .. it was quit and disapointing ban
  5. xMetu

    xMetu Mod Staff Member

    Agreeing with cp12cwp on this one. Even if you were honest, you should at least prove it somehow. Lots of people use the 'my friend did it; my brother did this and that' excuses and most of them are fake.
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