Libearty`s Builder Application!!!!! (Warning - Rainbowly Colorful)

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Libearty!, Aug 14, 2019.


Do you Support Libearty for Builder?

  1. Yes (i LOVE Rainbows)

  2. No (Rainbows scare me)

  3. IDK

  4. Yes (but im not so crazy about Rainbows)

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  1. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member


    Discord: Libearty#4660

    Date Joined and Time Played: I joined Back in Map 10 of Factions In map 10, 13 and 14 I actively ran my own factions and was online for at least 2 hours a Day, Now I am a Survival Player and I have come online for a hour or two a day for the past few months. I got over 20 days in both servers in there current maps

    Age: Sweet 16

    Ranks: Crusader/Architect :cool:

    Position: Builder!!!

    Normally my time zone is East US (Miami) Or central US (Chicago) :D

    Past Punishments:
    I never Gotten a Mute before :p

    I am Applying to Help out the server with its future Maps and Current ones and to put my Skills into good use. I am Great with WorldEdit. I can even make pixel Art flat or 3D

    Experience: I have built for 3 other servers before I built SkyWars/BedWars Maps, Factions spawns, Parkour and GTA maps all servers were happy :) I also made my own server before but never opened it cause I did not have the time to run it.

    Server: Global ;)

    About me Ingame:
    I am Well know for my builds in both Factions and Survival I love Rainbows and City things I am also known for my Friendly and Helpful attitude In factions I used to run many factions usually I would help out New players by letting them join my factions and giving them a Nice home I do not play factions as active now as I used to cause of the toxics. Now I Mainly play Survival I enjoy it better I have opened a Shop /warp Libland the shop is doing Great I also Built a Skyscraper in Libland and let players Move into the rooms another building is under construction right now! and I'm always Happy to help out other players with their builds :)

    About Me IRL:
    I am a Eastern European American. I have lots of hobbies; drawing, sewing, painting, etc.. I am a full time artist I have other part time jobs Exorcist and interior Decorator. I am a proud care taker of my 8 Comet Gold fishes I even trained them to dance their fav song is "Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Ashley" I also enjoy music my self I usually listen to 80s Euro Pop or 90s Eurodance I Love to travel to different places and I am in love with winter sports!

    I will post some screen shots of my builds but I only got some the screen shots from what I built on Conspiracy Craft my screen shots from my other builds on other servers I don't have atm because I am traveling and the Screen shots are on a different PC
    The builds I have in Libland in Survival is Rainbow theme (I can build non rainbow stuff to but I really love Rainbows) I have also built Skyscrapers from in real life such as the Willis Tower, Burj al arab, Trump Tower Chicago, John Hancock Center and many more!

    2019-08-14_15.41.43.png 2019-08-14_15.41.32.png 2019-08-14_15.37.49.png

    I have more screen shots but I cant post them cause its more then 1 megabyte
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  2. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    Luft Ballon.png wtc 1.png Krusty Krab.png Walmart.png

    Here are a few more images
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  3. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    What I saw when I read this

    1000 upvotes! Libby is great, active, helpful, kind, and builds beautiful things.
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  4. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    +1 a very unique and creative Builder
  5. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    +1 you a good guy man
  6. NBAYT

    NBAYT Member

    +1 Those are fascinating builds. I can't even build them myself, but I can drawing and like to read novels.

    Libearty, you're the best builder I have ever seen and you have a good personality. You are easy to get along with and talk to.

    I honestly hope you get the builder rank and there are a few errors in the application.

    You just forget to add periods and it made into a run along with the sentence. Everything else is nicely influential and colorful.

    I'm just wishing you good luck.
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  7. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    +1, I really love your builds libearty. I just can't really believe the second post but I can tell you love to build. You may be accepted just beware of jamm ok ;)
  8. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    Thanks you Very Much! :)
  9. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    Thank you good neighbor :D
  10. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    TY sir :D
  11. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    To be honest I don't know where to add periods to end a sentence:confused:
    But I am a Artist not a writer
  12. gaenotch21

    gaenotch21 Active Member

    +1 i dont want to see the faction spawn of map 17 in rainbows
  13. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    Thanks you
    both post are builds I have built
    the first post has Screen shots a Libland
    the second post has Screen shot of a city I was building for fun on my own server with my friend InspecterCluseau Sadly Inspecter is busy irl and no longer plays Minecraft actively
    I have half of those Skyscrapers saved on Schematic but that world Sadly got lost when the host of the server deleted it
    those builds were mostly buldings from IRL that's why its not Rainbow
  14. Capzile

    Capzile Well-Known Member


    -1 for seizures
  15. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    Don't worry I can build more then just Rainbows;)
  16. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    Thanks U:)
  17. Le vmeister

    Le vmeister Fresh Spawn

    probably one if not the best builder in surv, obviously +1 (gl lib)
  18. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    Thanks you!!!
  19. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    Lib1.png Lib2.png Lib3.png Lib4.png

    Here are more Screen shots I have just recovered of that world
    Plus my old
  20. SSGSSVegetto

    SSGSSVegetto Active Member

    Sexy +1 (no rape I swear)
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