As_Nodt42's Helper Application

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    Title: As_Nodt42's Helper Application

    Username: As_Nodt42

    Date Joined: Survival Map 2, mid.

    Time Played: Complicated, i had problems with my old account, GamerAta so i no longer have access to view my actual playtime.

    Age: 17

    Rank(s): Miner, Guardian

    Position: Helper

    Timezone: GMT+03:00 [Asia Minor]

    Past Punishments: No past punishments

    About: My name is Ataberk, British-Turkish crossbreed with high english capabilities. I am 17 years old, living in the south-western parts of Turkey, occasionaly travelling to Britain. Im in highschool, 11th grade, i am active in the server, but i sometimes may have problems or unforseen events that blocks me from being online. I play on the server as much as i can, and nearly everytime i have the chance. I had an old, TLauncher account named GamerAta that i used to play, from Map 2 to Map 4's first few months, yet i bought a legitimate minecraft account, named As_Nodt42 and asked for my old account to be banned and/or disabled. Yet it seems i still have access to it, i don't use it however. I love helping new players and returning veterans on both server and minecraft features and/or commands.

    Reason: I mainly play on Survival, and the amount of people asking for help, that don't know how MCMMO or other server plugins work, is enormus. I believe am experienced with mcmmo and Conspiracy's Survival rules enough to help most people on these terms. I always answer people's help calls on chat, helping them as much as i can with my knowledge. I've been doing this since Map 2 neared its end, where i was pretty much used to every command and feature that existed at the time, and have been helping people ever since. I will continue to do this, yet i think it would be better off if i had a legitimate way of showing the new players that i am capable of helping them. Some players don't read or care about me helping them when they ask for, i believe this is because i am just an ordinary player to them.

    Experience: I used to run my own server, it lasted only a year cause of the playerbase being just me and my friends. I also was a Mod/Co-Owner of a friend's server for roughly 1 and a half years. I've been helping people with plugin or minecraft related problems since 4 years.

    Server: Survival

    Discord: Äs Nödt#4864

    Additional Comments: I am avaliable nearly every week, for as long as i am awake in summers. In winter, i am avaliable in every weekends and mostly on weekdays, as long as there are no exams approaching.
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