The Story Of MightyNutella.

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    Once upon a time there was a young boy named MightyNutella who grew up in the realm known as the invasion realm. As he grew up he became a strong warrior, one of the strongest indeed. As he progressed he got more into the study of time travel rather than fighting and becoming a warrior and after many years he collected the materials to create such a time machine! One day, while he was testing his friend YouBeCombo stepped on some wires, tripped, fell and as MightyNutella was working on the time machine all he made was one loud GASP. He never managed to complete it so he ended up in a time he was unaware of and soon learned he ended up not in the future, but the past. Many years went by and he was always trying to find a way to get back, unfortunately he couldn't as every time he tried he’d fail as the lack of materials this time period had. As time went on he got back into the hobby of fighting. During this the future still went on and YouBeCombo didn’t tell anyone what he did, everyone was searching for MightyNutella and rumor went around that what actually happened that he was kidnapped by someone from his past. It was not the past he was currently in, but the past where he used to fight and someone may have attempted to get revenge. Eventually, as MightyNutella lived in the past, he became forgotten in the future; at first it was just people didn’t want to accept that he was gone, but then it was because as the longer he stayed in the past...the harder it was someone to grasp the concept of MightyNutella existing in the future. The only person that remembered him was YouBeCombo, and one day...YouBeCombo completely forgot about MightyNutella.

    MightyNutella was in the past so long that he, himself..even forgot he was there. During this all he was discovered a Warrior named cp12cwp from the cult known as WalrusGang. They became friends and grew close, and one day the cult initiated MightyNutella as one of their own, but little did he know...doing this gave him a lot more problems. Word got out about this new Warrior and they fought hard and strong and didn’t give up. They fought many Warriors and refused to step down, such as Aces, ChickenNation, DreamTeam, CoalGang, Lol Nation and more. Eventually people left WalrusGang as they couldn’t keep up with the training necessary to succeed and WalrusGang understood, which in turn lead them to join other teams. Eventually they got so strong they were capable of telekinesis and were able to communicate with other WalrusGang members. MightyNutella was in for a treat when he went to a new enemy. The Demon known as LordKonKon. This Warrior was like nothing they had ever faced, and MightyNutella insisted he did it alone. This LordKonKon was apparently quite malicious and powerful. They fought for an extremely long time and didn’t stop. LordKonKon unleashed a powerful attack that wiped out so many people, killing many. MightyNutella came in out of the dust and LordKonKon, thinking he was dead let their guard down and MightyNutella pierced LordKonKon’s chest. LordKonKon then screeched in terror, pulled the sword out of their chest and started levitating, powerful aura emerging from LordKonKon and an extremely bright light coming from the wound of LordKonKon’s chest. LordKonKon spoke, in a loud and powerful tone and said “you know why I’m here right?” MightyNutella knew exactly why LordKonKon was here, it seems LordKonKon was a timekeeper attempting to send MightyNutella back to the future..but MightyNutella knew that everyone in the future had already forgotten him and this was his new home. “ seems you do know, well in that case shall the fight TRULY begin?” He glanced over for a second and then looked back, and the aura was so powerful it started rupturing the ground and radiating everywhere. He tried to get close and then LordKonKon’s immense power started to burn through his flesh. The wound was bleeding immensely from LordKonKon’s chest and next thing you knew, wings grew out of LordKonKon’s chest, scaled and black. MightyNutella then knew what he had to do. The world turned to water, for just a moment..everyone losing their breath for no more than just 1 moment and then MightyNutella vanished. Re-appearing above LordKonKon, but he wasn’t in his human state, he was in his Walrus fleshed state and he wielded his blade high above LordKonKon, and then next thing everyone that was alive saw was a bright ball of light coming from the battle field. Nobody could see anything from the ball of light and when it finally faded, all you saw was LordKonKon’s staff cutting towards MightyNutella’s blade. Sitting there, holding their place it was practically an arm wrestle between the two, except with their blade and staff. They sat there, MightyNutellas weapon started glowing purple and LordKonKon’s pink and within a second LordKonKon yelled “I will be back, I will not win now against your almighty Walrus state, however. When I return, you will face my wrath”. Before LordKonKon vanished they struck MightyNutella with their staff, which caused them to be yet again, pierced by Mighty’s blade. LordKonKon mumbled some words which sounded nothing more than gibberish and blood started coming through their staff and into LordKonKon and next thing everyone knew LordKonKon Vanished. Little did MightyNutella know, his speech may have been forever vanquished. Moments later, MightyNutella returned to his human state and the ground.


    MightyNutella woke up, with WalrusGang members surrounding him. He tried to speak, but couldn’t. LordKonKon took away his speech. Then he remembered his telekinesis and tested it. At first, no luck and WalrusGang gave a worried look as he clenched his fists in an attempt to use his telekinesis. He tried 3 more times, no luck. Before giving up he tried a 4th time and finally it worked, he explained to them he couldn’t talk and WalrusGang got to work on identifying LordKonKon. After many months they discovered LordKonKon used a very powerful spell, its name was the Mute. Muting the person in which is only possible if merged by blood. Meaning when MightyNutella swung his blade at LordKonKon, and when his flesh started burning between the two of their blood. LordKonKon managed to mute MightyNutella, in an attempt to take what he loved most away; his communication. Months passed by and no luck on fixing the spell, and he had finally just given up. WalrusGang was assigned on a mission that MightyNutella could not attend as he was not able to talk and it was a burden to a team. MightyNutella? A Burden. Wow that was surprising to everyone that watched WalrusGang march out of the gates of the village known as ConspiracyCraft City. The moment they left out of site, LordKonKon appeared. Staring down at MightyNutella, he did not wait for a moment and swiftly switched into WalrusState. Went to grab his sword and was quickly attacked by LordKonKon’s staff. MightyNutella then realised..his sword fell out of his pouch and he went to grab it, taking multiple burns to his Walrus flesh, not to mention is quite hard to do burn and successfully got his blade. He jumped in the air, applying a potion that was known as a strength potion and attacked LordKonKon, he could not speak so he had to learn spells that required no talking, but blood sacrifices. He then grabbed his fanny pack of scrolls and grabbed one, laying it down he summoned a Walrus minion and it attacked LordKonKon. This time, they went to clash their weapons but instead of the same thing that happened last time, MightyNutella swung around, powerfully stabbed his blade into LordKonKon’s spine temporarily paralyzing them and used a spell named Uno Reverse. This scroll was once wielded by the Lol Nation that was then gifted to MightyNutella. MightyNutella then placed a tag on LordKonKon and he then tried to speak, for a moment he forgot how to speak then the word came out of his mouth “NERD” and then he opened an interdimensional portal with one of the spells he had learned and yeeted LordKonKon into it. Sealing the portal he panted and went to sleep. A good one at that, LordKonKon was finally vanquished, permanently.
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    Little did lordkonkon know it was a part of my master plan
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    cant bother to read that
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    what wrong with you :(
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    top 10 anime fights :D thanks for the aces mention
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    damn i was waiting for konkon to die :/
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  9. I don't think nutella can even solve a rubix cube let alone build a time machine XD
    but at least you have your good pvp skill
    `also cp nice story as always`
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    i kinda gave up when i read the first line
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    He got yeeted into the portal or rather he got banned from Survival by MightyNutella.
    @MightyNutella how tf did u get ban perms!?
    Was it due to contact with LordKonKon’s staff blood that you somehow got temporary perms!?
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    im actually an undercover admin but people dont know

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