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Discussion in 'Denied' started by EXPERT1970, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. EXPERT1970

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    Disclaimer: Anyone here to say that i've been immature in the past then you're correct. But i've changed now as i've grown older but feel free to post your opinion.

    Username: EXPERT1970
    Date Joined: Around 26th of September, 2016

    Time Played: On holidays i play 5+ hours per day when i'm free and when i have school i play 2-3 hours. But according to my minecraft statistics it is 672 hours.

    Age: I am 15 years of age.

    Rank(s): My rank is Warlord

    Position: I am applying for the Helper role in the staff team.

    Time zone:+3 EEST

    Past Punishments: I have asked a staff member and my recent punishment was 238 days ago.

    About: I am a junior in highschool (10th grade) and i am really happy in school, my grades are above average since i was managing studying and video games pretty well. Besides school and studying i also have a main and favorite sport that i play which is football/soccer and i am really creative, smart, funny and overall just fun to have around. I can also handle conversations pretty well while not even slightly get mad.
    I am always available to help other people who require assistance as im a really nice and kind guy. I sometimes show empathy to those people who are having a bad time and i try to make their days better by cheering them up a bit. I also love making new friends online and even in real life. I also LOVE video games as i play them every single day and especially FPS games. But minecraft is also one of my favorite games which i play all the time, and basically the only server i play is conspiracycraft and another server for minigames, but i do not go on it so often.

    Reason: The main reason i want to apply is because i want to take this seriously, i applied when i was 12 or 13 and i was just doing it for fun, but now ive grown older and ive decided that i need to be more responsible, mature, and serious of my decisions. The second reason is because Invasion(Factions) has a big problem with hackers due to the lack of staff members and i would love to help out with that. Also in the chat, there are always arguments sparking since its factions and thats something normal, but people sometimes take it too far with racism, sexism and even threats while there isnt any staff member on to deal with it after multiple people continuely report the person. And i've also gotten along pretty well with other staff members that come on.

    Experience: I was once Trusted on this server, besides that no experience of being staff on this server, but i can adapt and learn very easily, and i also have a mini server to learn and test out plugins/commands so i know some aspects of being staff.

    Server: Currently, Invasion but i can start playing and moderating Survival if needed.

    Discord: LuNaR| ᵃᵘᵗᶦˢᵗˢ#6086

    Additional Comments: I have nothing else to say but thank you for your time reading my application and feel free to post any opinions.
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  2. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    -1 this guy is hella toxic and never helps no one.
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  3. EXPERT1970

    EXPERT1970 Member

    Thank you for your opinion.
  4. BVondersaar

    BVondersaar Fresh Spawn

    +1 most active player and one of the nicest guys on the server + he is warlord. he deserves to get helper rank
  5. Jelo651

    Jelo651 Fresh Spawn

    +1 active and he's not toxic anymore he deserve to be a Helper because invasion need staffs
  6. EXPERT1970

    EXPERT1970 Member

  7. EXPERT1970

    EXPERT1970 Member

    thank you
  8. +1 man is a really good guy, helpful and kind all time. I see him say good stuff about everyone gg good fight tuki tuki tuki +1
  9. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

    +1 man. Factions will literally completely die if there's no staff anymore. Idk anymore. Just pls save us. +111.
  10. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    -1 big traitor and toxic af
  11. EXPERT1970

    EXPERT1970 Member

    ?? who are you
  12. EXPERT1970

    EXPERT1970 Member

    thank you rishi :D
  13. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    The man you traitored g4n
  14. Houndrag

    Houndrag Member

    +1 Nothing much to say other than great guy thats been playing for a while. We need staff and I think he'd be a perfect addition to the staff team.
  15. Nathanm

    Nathanm Member

    i dont really like you that much tbh but i can see you as staff +1
  16. Nathanm

    Nathanm Member

    Also G4n and Youbecombo yall are annoying af yall literally -1 on everyone staff application no matter how good it is
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  17. gaenotch21

    gaenotch21 Active Member

    But ybc +1 shit apps like g4ns bc team right!
  18. bibsonline

    bibsonline Member

    +1 very trustworthy!
  19. PeoPilatos

    PeoPilatos Fresh Spawn

    +1 really active not toxic and overall a really nice guy.
  20. BigDaddy

    BigDaddy Fresh Spawn

    +10 He deserves it, accept him

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