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    Once all six of them realised that monsters had broken through the walls and that they were in danger, Ralsei and Black forget everything and start running towards the Royal Palace screaming for help along the way, leaving Ziyad, Ari, Bee and Lolking by the mansion. Ziyad and Ari try to stop them from running away by grabbing their arms since they had no way to defend themselves, but the two broke free from their strong grips. Ziyad is told to get some weapons by Bee so that they can protect themselves if any monsters attack them on the way to the palace, so he goes to his room in the mansion and gets 3 swords and an axe. He hands Bee and Lolking swords and Ari an axe. Then Bee, orders everyone to ride on horseback to the Royal Palace to hide from the monsters.

    When Bee, Ziyad, Lolking and Ari were about 100 metres away from the Royal Palace, they noticed that there was a blockade, consisting of palace guards, stopping people from getting any closer to the Royal Palace. They were sandwiched between the two forces, the Lespawn guards and the monsters. The four looked at each other in despair when suddenly, Bee and Lolking hear a familiar voice calling them. The four looked towards the source of the sound which happened to be coming from a very familiar house. Bee and Lolking gasp when they realise it was Wolf calling them. Wolf asked the guards to allow the four of them through the blockade. The four thank Wolf and promise to help her if she ever asks. Wolf, being an assistant to the King of Lespawn, Goazart, was very busy with the hundreds of people fleeing towards the Royal Palace. So, Wolf let the four of them rest in her house while she went out to help the refugees. Luckily, Wolf had an extra room which wasn’t used so the four of them kept their horses there to prevent them from being stolen. Wolf asked the four of them to wait there until it was safe to exit the house.

    While waiting inside the house, Bee decided to ask the Ziyad if Black and Ralsei were still alive. Ziyad replied stating that all we can do is pray for their survival. The four of them proceeded to pray for Black and Ralsei's survival until a minotaur, armed with a battle-axe, broke through a wall in the living room. Bee was closest to the minotaur and because of that the minotaur attacked him first, swinging the axe at him, destroying Wolf’s furniture in the process. Ziyad, and Lolking attacked the minotaur together and managed to slash its right arm but got knocked out, accidentally headbutting the minotaur’s axe, in the process. The minotaur looked at Bee and Ari who were now on the floor, paralysed, with the face of a being with a thirst for blood.

    Just when Bee and Ari thought they were going to die, a warrior with long blond hair, dressed in silver battle armour and a beautifully embroidered sword dropped down from the sky and lunged at the minotaur, sword in hand and ready for battle. He slashed the minotaur’s left arm as it was swinging its axe at him then stabbed its lower left abdomen,causing blood to gush out like a fountain. The minotaur fell onto its knees and then collapsed once the warrior removed his sword from the minotaur’s abdomen. Bee and Ari thanked the warrior for saving them and asked for his name. The warrior smiled and said that he was Pana and that he was a warrior from the Balkans. Bee promised himself that he’d become a hero like Pana one day, so he could protect his friends from the monsters.

    I think that this chapter was a little too short and wasn't detailed enough but I still wanted to post this because I really wanted to tell everyone what happens next.
    Also I forgot if Pana was a male or female so he's male in the story until I find out he's female.
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    pana uses axes
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    THANK GOD i survive it 2 chapters xD i always get killed first thanks for the mention SkHavBee and nice story :)
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    did you fall down the stairs? sounds like it _+1 ez good

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