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Discussion in 'Denied' started by TatsuHoshii, Jul 13, 2019.

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  1. TatsuHoshii

    TatsuHoshii Fresh Spawn

    Title: Helper Application

    Username: TatsuHoshi

    Date Joined: May/25/2019 (not exact)

    Time Played: 22.04days

    Age: 18

    Rank(s): 1981 Mcmmo/Miner Rank

    Position: Helper

    Timezone: UTC+08:00

    Past Punishments: Muted for spamming

    About: I'm an helpful person , i game a lot and play a lot of Minecraft. always check CC before/after going to school, i play sport like basketball . and even ESport im at Grade 12 Senior Highschool and i go to class by 7am-4pm and i am an Accountancy Business Management , if i'm accepted to be a Helper it will be my First Server to be an Staff and it would be a great honor to work here.

    Reason: because i want to help so many people in Conspiracy Craft , i want to help newbies and other people that need help because sometimes i notice that , no helper is helping the people who needs help in survival. and i just love this server so much even tho the server is lagging sometimes its still fun to play it

    Experience: No , but i will do my best to be one of the best Helper in the server . i am not be good now , but my little help from the other people is still improving and Staff is fun because you can just help people without any hesitation because that's what i want to experience.

    Server: Survival

    Discord: TatsuHoshi#4094

    Additional Comments: If i've been Accepted , i will be always active and ready to help people , i just want to say that. this is the best server i've been. no jokes and no lies. i want to thank the Developers and the Helpers of Conspiracy Craft because i've been really into it since i joined and i cant stop playing i always want to go online, help and have fun
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  2. xMetu

    xMetu Mod Staff Member

    Follow this format:

    Title: {Username's {position-here}} Application

    Username: (IGN here)

    Date Joined: (mm/dd/yy or an estimate)

    Time Played: (An estimation of your total playtime on the server since you joined)

    Age: (Age here)

    Rank(s): (mcMMO rank and/or donor rank if applicable)

    Position: (State what rank you are applying for)

    Timezone: (What timezone are you in)

    Past Punishments: (If you're unsure, ask a staff member when your last punishment was and for a list of all your previous punishments if you have any. Anything from a warning to a ban needs to be included)

    About: (Write a short summary about yourself, your interests and what makes you unique)

    Reason: (Why are you applying?)

    Experience: (Do you have experience with the requested rank? Please elaborate.)

    Server: (Which server are you applying for (if applicable)?)

    Discord: (Discord account along with its 4 digit number)

    Additional Comments: (Any other further comments or questions you may have can go here, optional)
  3. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    I like the energy you got their, but..
    -1 for the gammar for about and additional comments but at least you did your best plus please fix you application colors its not easy to see it
    +1 I know you very well I don't know if I see you help the server but who knows not me
    -1 staff is fun but you need to have repsoniblility for any actions and causes because if you make one mess you got to clean it up
    Oh what the heck I know you every much +2
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  4. TehAwesomestKitteh

    TehAwesomestKitteh Helper Staff Member

    Honestly speaking, -1. Often times people's misconceptions are you have to get the staff role of "Helper" to help. Which is wrong. You don't need it to help, and it's without that title do you actually show you want to help people. Helpers are like the lower-tier police of the server, they warn, mute, and/or kick the appropriate troublemakers. That being said, they should show some form of responsibility and experience. That being said, English mastery is one of them. When you have to explain something to someone, you should be clear on what you mean and say. Like for one, being a Helper isn't a competition, it's making sure people don't step over the line and hurt others or break the rules (and as previously mentioned. You don't need the title to help people).

    Unrelated, but the color choice on the application is also hard to read. It also fails to give emphasis on what's related to, required, or relevant to the rank.
  5. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member


    “Age: 18”
  6. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    -1 u called me a "idiot" for no reasons and there is no proof u wont repeat it as u didnt apology for every bad behaviour u might have shown to a player in the game
  7. OzzyGaming

    OzzyGaming Member

    pls why everyone wants to be staff umg
  8. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    So I can't be staff to help the server :(
    Ok I see
    (I made one too)
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