G4N ban appeal

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by FreakyNoLss, Jul 12, 2019.

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  1. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    Thread Title: G4N ban appeal

    Username: G4N

    Punished by: Dreadery

    Server: invasion

    Date punished: 12th June

    Punishment type: van

    Punishment length: perm

    Reason: presence of autoclicker

    Plea: because I clearly told him I don’t use the auto clicker on cc? I use it on mmc I had the auto clicker launched whilst playing mmc at 3pm then come on cc for koth with it still launched, I then pvped and he asked to screenshare and I told him about the auto clicker but he still banned me wtf ? I literally don’t use it on cc and any player can agree with that cuz I’m bad on cc lmao pretty sure me having a auto clicker on my pc is not against the rules unless I use it on cc pretty bs
  2. ErenRG_TR

    ErenRG_TR Fresh Spawn

  3. M1TLAR

    M1TLAR Active Member

    You literally had the autoclicker open while fighting on cc. If that's not evidence IDK what is.
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  4. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    I literally said I had the autoclicker open for over 4 days and I just used it on mmc at 3pm then logging onto cc at the same time. I also offered to duel you and obviously if there’s a significant difference in my pvp skills then it’s clear I was using it but there wouldn’t be because I don’t use it on cc. I also had the settings set really high around 10-15 cps which wouldn’t even make a difference on a cracked 1.8 server with no hit recognition so I don’t get why you suspect me of hacks out of all people when literally everyone in chat said I don’t hack even my faction enemies
  5. gaenotch21

    gaenotch21 Active Member

    shoulda just admitted k0d, u had that shit open l0l
  6. It says in the rules if you have clients on your pc its a ban. And I find it very hard to believe that you wouldn't use the autoclicker on cc if you're happy to use it on mmc.
  7. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    As soon as the ss opened I told him I had a autoclicker opened
  8. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    Cuz idc if I get banned on mmc?
  9. You should have just waited 2-4 weeks,maybe longer, and made a solid ban appealing apologising without bs excuses and you would probably be unbanned.
  10. so you're saying dreadery ss'd you and you had an autoclicker open and your excuse was that you didn't use it on cc? LOOOOOL thats like if a police officer saw a dead body on the floor that had been stabbed and you had a knife in your hand, and your excuse was that you where using the knife to to cut a rope.
  11. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    Well it’s a red herring then isn’t it? And why should I wait 2-4 weeks when there is no proof of me hacking literally gaenotch was destroying me and he thinks I hack and ssed me instead of gaenotch? Nobody in chat suspected me of hacking but someone said in chat gaenotch did yet he didn’t get ssed smh
  12. ????? With that logic every person found with a ghost client or any sort of a hack shouldn't be banned as they might not have been using it?
    And even if you didn't use on cc(which I highly doubt) it would still be a ban as you have it installed on your pc which isn't allowed.
    Waiting 2-4 weeks or longer shows you understood what you did was wrong and had time away from the server to think about what you've done and why its wrong.
    Being destroyed by gaenotch doesn't mean anything either that just shows you're shit even with hacks LOL!
  13. dizzyy

    dizzyy Member

    If you weren't using it on ConspiracyCraft then why was it open for four days - the time you looked hella sus pvping smh. If you got hacks on your computer then it is bannable either way - whether your using the hacks or not. Shut up you trash pvper you probs been doing it for months tbh you was trash then got better somehow. Just shut up and keep your ban - you know you deserve it. Four days... Damn. Imagine having a fucking autoclicker open for four days, and not turning off your computer. It sounds like total bullshit to me. pls no return ty x
  14. dizzyy

    dizzyy Member

    That actually is true he is straight dog anyways kek all he does is chug
  15. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    I don’t power off my pc that’s why? And I destroy you on cc without my autoclicker but okay
  16. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    why should I wait 2-4 weeks when dreadary couldn’t wait 1min to duel me? And banned me without proof
  17. "without proof" he literally has the strongest piece of evidence that caused you to get banned.
  18. FreakyNoLss

    FreakyNoLss Member

    Proof of me hacking on cc
  19. ??? Man if you're gonna come up with an excuse please make sure it makes at least a little bit of sense . You had an autoclicker open on cc thats more then enough proof for a ban. It does not need to be proven whether or not you used it on cc. It states clearly in the rules if you are found with hacks its a ban.
  20. dizzyy

    dizzyy Member

    Smh what are you trying to prove? " I have an autoclicker open " Yeah na thats ok mate even if its running just lemme go through I'll ignore the autoclicker. What the fuck you trying to say? Next time I get ss'd ima just say na im just running vape lite dont worry man and get away with it. Yeah I want you to ss someone and just blatantly just report them on using a cheat installed. Anyways " Without Proof " You dont need to be hacking to be SS'd. Some of the times the people are straight legit. Also, after every screen-share, Staff are needed to report on what had been found and that will be the reason of the ban. It is also needed to show sufficient evidence of them being found ( them being hacks ) and also quit saying they need proof of you hacking on CC. Quit watching shit YouTuber's who make finding hackers look like it is staged and also they don't need to see you hack on conspiracy craft, as long as hacks found during SS are with sufficient evidence you shall be banned.
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