Sneakyboy27's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Sneakyboy27, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Sneakyboy27

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    Title: Sneakyboy27’s Helper Application

    Username: Sneakyboy27 (everyone you know in love, DaBoy)

    Date Joined: 06/17/2017 (map 3)

    Time Played: 37.43 d

    Age: 17

    Rank(s): McMMO ElfVII and donor Architect

    Position: Helper

    Time zone: GMT -4 Atlantic Standard Time

    Past Punishments: Warned once from hewittassassin9 for something that I post stupidly in chat (happened before this application I didn't know being warned is a punishment)

    : I'm a 17-year-old boy that loves video games, handcrafting, drawing, read books, and helping people in need. I live in a country call Trinidad and Tobago that's located in the Caribbean, I had graduated from high school and I will soon be going to university to learn and study to become an engineer. Ever since I was young I have no friends and always been alone, in middle school I always been a joke to everyone and anytime I try to make friends they backstab and bully me until I became helpless. I had the same problem in high school but I have friends that helped me for a change and sometimes I can help their problems as well. I hated to be alone all the time but now my friends will always be by my side. When I came in this server I didn't get along with factions players but survival is a different story. It is a kind and accepting community that cares about everyone and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

    Reason: The reason why I want to become a helper is that I want to lend the server a helping hand. I observed that most of the staff team are inactive due to real-life situations. I think if I can help the server out and take their place while they are busy. I always wanted to become a server staff for the first time and help new players to start playing the server, face difficult tasks and show the server how useful I am. Everyone is expecting an active helper to help them and I believe that I am up for the task. I believe that I will be able to do a lot for the server and the players.

    : I don't have any past experience, but I am willing to learn and improve my beneficial experiences by helping the new players how to start the server, lend them a helping hand once in a while, show them the command there can use and bust the hackers once I got them in sight.

    Server: Survival

    Discord: Sneakyboy27#1673

    Additional Comments
    : I just wanted to say this to every ConspiracyCraft player is that I care about everyone especially the ones that show me love and respect. I will help anyone who can't help themselves with difficult tasks and I will be there to get the work done even if I am not staff at least I really try on this application so don’t hate the staff if I got denied.

    (Sorry if most of you think that my English is poor)

    (Edited thanks to WolfScreamYTG for letting me know that Warning is a punishment)
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  2. Kyliel

    Kyliel Fresh Spawn

    I also approve of and strongly recommend to you Sneakyboy27 for he has helped me a lot despite not knowing me, he showed me the ropes on how to play in this server as well as go to this site if I ever want to report something or ask help about major stuffs that only staff members could do, Sneakyboy27 or "Daboy" is also very active in-game, he looks out for a player in need especially the beginners such as myself and would even /tpa to you and voluntarily participate in helping and thanks to him I was able to learn a lot not only in this server but also the very game itself. One thing I noticed while I was talking to him whilst showing me around his house is that, I could feel that he loves to play Minecraft and that he put a lot of time, effort and dedication into playing in this server, and for him be able to show how much love he has for a server is I think one of the most important qualifications of being a staff member.

    - A fellow Noob Minecraft player "Kyliel"
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  3. cp12cwp

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    Anyone here who has be done Discord has seen you help out even a little. I believe if you were able to become help or you could help a lot more people so good luck
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  4. Fedora_Fox

    Fedora_Fox Member

    +1 from Foxy
    I've seen Sneaky help out on the server and on discord multiple times.
    Best of luck, sneak. :p
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  5. boyo *+1 from me to a friend that I had accidentaly known thru portal connection that has been helpfull alot*
    I hope you get helper you seem to help alot of players
  6. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

  7. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Seems like your lying about your age. Or is it just me?

    Neutral, since its survival I wont be saying much.
  8. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    Do u want to vc to proof it dude
    Most of every survival players hear my voice to show that I'm a 17 year old :p
    Plus I never see u in survival tho I think ur a factions player
  9. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Dude im on the 17th gear aswell.

    Jk jk.
  10. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    Lol ik I don't mind
  11. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Anyways, no offence but i’d at least expect a staff member to have proper english.
    I couldn’t care less about accents and shit but concerning typing you should have decent english, atleast in my books.

    Again no offence but your english is kinda.. well.. broken. I can barely understand what you’re saying, sorry.

    You seem like a nice guy tho. Eh.
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  12. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    I play both survival and factions. Or, used to play. Haven’t played either in a minute.
  13. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    Oh I understand ty
  14. I tend to have the same problemo
  15. enko_7

    enko_7 Fresh Spawn


  16. AzCasian

    AzCasian Active Member

    I like the effort that you put into the app and your dedication to the server. Unfortunately, grammar and proper spelling are essential to help players since they are mostly English speakers. For this reason, I am neutral.
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  17. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    Yeah sorry I'm still trying to improve it but thank you
  18. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    +1 but u need to be a little more acitve
  19. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    I understand and I will just have to do real life stuffs first before playing
  20. RcNumbers

    RcNumbers Fresh Spawn

    to be fair, it suprises me that you aren't a helper yet. You are basically already a helper but just... without the tag!
    and whoever is judging his grammar and spelling is basically judging his English skills in one single post since i can tell from experience that he barely makes mistakes.

    obviously a +1
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