The Potato Race!

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    The Potato Race is a wonderous and mystical race! Nobody has seen these mystical race because they don't tend to show themselves. These creatures tend to stay in the dark and thrive in beautiful places such as a place named the Legendary Forbidden Island. If a human were to touch this island they would burn to ash. This island protects all potatoes!!!! Even the hairy ones. However, the Potato Nation wasn't originally like this....lets begin. The original ruler who some say still live today was Cluster. He was a wonderous potato. However, they had an enemy! The carrots! The carrots always attacked the potatoes and were quite ruthless with no mercy. The potato used his magestic powers to open a portal to a closed chamber. This chamber was capable of creating Celestial beings. Cluster summoned multiple Celestial Potatoes. They were ready for war. They all worked together and rebuilt their civilization and became strong. They focused their power on earth magic. This magic was capable of summoning potato statues and monsters so strong that they were nearly unstoppable. The potatoes obliterated the CarrotNation and completely took over their land. The Celestial potatoes used the rest of their strength to create the Legendary Forbidden Island. Sadly, the power they used was devastating, so much so that they all perished. The only one known to be left is Cluster. Is this firece potato alive? Send all spottings of this creature below! We need all the evidence on it that we can get
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  2. aww man I was going to make one but I forgot now they will say that I copied your idea
  3. Cluster21

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    Potato God already mastered Hot Potato Projectile with different skills xD
  4. xdCyanide

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    imagine getting killed by a carrot
    cool story tho
  5. cp12cwp

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  6. cp12cwp

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    Useful for a sequel
  7. giga_08

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    carrots are rebuilding their nation, their cities are thriving, they're living in true harmony, while potatoes are resting in graves which they dug themselves.

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