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  1. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Before I begin. Please read the first story of Harouff or this will not make sense. Click Here to get redirected to it.

    Thanatos's Story
    Thanatos was a good skeleton at one point and everyone loved thanatos. One day she met a cute zombie named Harouff and they eventually got married and at one point Harouff started getting caught up in "work". Thanatos felt neglected, she didn't know what "work" was so she decided to silently watch Harouff go out and followed day after day. Eventually she saw what Harouff was doing...Harouff was destroying cities and nations and Thanatos was terrified. A few weeks later they got divorced and they went their separate ways as Thanatos couldn't even handle a hug from Harouff. Thanatos still loved Harouff but not his actions. Years later word came on the news that Harouff was brutally murdered by a goat named Goazart. Thanatos realised that she still loved Harouff and wanted to get revenge. She gave up all their beliefs but the realm she was in was quickly vanishing. Mysteria was disolving and Thanatos quickly escaped. Thanatos ended up in the realm known as hell. Thanatos went and searched for the almighty Zhu Bajie. After months of searching Zhu Bajie wasn't found and just before Thanatos gave up she heard a whsiper from the lava below. Thanatos jumped in and they eventually found a cave, but was nearly burnt alive just by getting there. They were in so much pain that she suddenly fainted. Thanatos woke up..."w..w..where am I!?" exclaimed Thanatos. She stood up to then be levitated. A pigman creature appeared before her. In diamond armor and with sharp teeth and an evil no other. I am Zhu Bajie! The Ruler Of All Nations! I see you have come to visit me. Why? "I need to escape hell. I got here from Mysteria. Please I have been here for months." She said. I will not help you escape. I will teach you. You nearly died just trying to get here. If my zombie pigman minions didn't heal you. You would have died. I don't got the time for that! Exclaimed Thanatos. Then you shall stay here for the rest of your life. The Thanatos decided after some consideration to comply as they really didn't have another option. After many months. Thanatos became the Demi God of hell. She was now capable of opening an interdimenional portal and was able to wield lava without being harmed. Thanatos was ready and said goodbye to Zhu Bajie. Thanatos set out on their quest.
    Thanatos arrived in the realm ConspiracyCraft and soon learned that Goazart was the ruler of the realm due to his selfless efforts. She knew that they would have to get passed the warriors or ConspiracyCraft. They first encountered the clan named ChickenNation. ChickenNation fell unfortunately to Thanatos's wrath and practically turned into cooked chicken; luckily, nobody died. The next people Thanatos would have to fight would be Aces. She quickly discovered their headquarters and disbursed lava all over it, many died..only 1 was identified...their name was Aimbot. However some still stood and attacked Thanatos as vengence. Thanatos was controlled by their inner demons so much they showed no mercy. She grew extremely large and developed armor. The Aces were so intimidating that she had no choice but to quickly evolve to their standards. The Aces fought and fought and fought. Eventually they were too tired to continue but called in support. Quickly to the scene showed the Gladiators. Panagiotis4, Ena, Kingrayven, and Dimiss10 fought hard. With no doubt they were going to win, it was just a matter of when. Eventually they fell, but one. Panagiotis4 had the strength to continue fighting and with the strenth their allies ChickenNation and Aces had given him he struck the Thanatos in the head. The helmet shattered into a million pieces and then the skull of the Thanatos cracked. Then it crumbled along with the rest of her. The Thanatos's soul was then split into smaller versions of itself and now all can kill it with minor skill. Sadly, to this day just like the Harouff there are too many souls to diminish to completely get rid of the Thanatos. To this day many Warriors still fight the souls in the attempt to obliterate every last 1. Maybe the Harouff and Thanatos can re-unite in heaven. Rumor has it that this war is not over. Is it true?

    Is this the end? I guess we will have to fjnd out in the future.
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  2. wow that was long but really good `still weirded out that thanatos was a girl`
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  3. Ziyadk

    Ziyadk Member

    i bet i am the first one who died xD on that fight lmao nice story cp and thanks for the mention of us good luck on your next
    Stories :)
  4. mackdroid

    mackdroid Fresh Spawn

    not bad duh its good
  5. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    I just skiped it
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  6. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    story is illogical since i didnt /spawn cp

    (Jk great story :p )
  7. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Fresh Spawn


    Now write a story that goes with the theme of the hub... it's interesting.
  8. Lk4045

    Lk4045 Fresh Spawn

    Rip chicken Nation
  9. Cluster21

    Cluster21 Helper Staff Member

    i like them. perhaps potato god also fight thanatos. maybe zhu bajie later xD
  10. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one that thinks there's some kind of connection with thanos and thanatos? No? Okay.

    Are they sane?
  11. panagiotis4

    panagiotis4 Fresh Spawn

    I think I am the protagonist of history:eek:

    nice story cp:p
  12. gaenotch21

    gaenotch21 Active Member

    Its a trap
  13. Reinier

    Reinier Member

    Reinier has not appeared in a story yet. Reinier wishes for at least a small part in the story of zhu bajie if possible. Thank u
  14. me too plz *why are ya talking in third person*
  15. Reinier

    Reinier Member

    Reinier thinks you should imagine reinier speaking in a smeagol voice
  16. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Dude, Sami could of 360 Azarath Matrioned that bad boi. Then again I guess it wasn’t nearly enough at the level of The almighty Sami!

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