({davidcr's SS Team} Application) Yeah, I kinda used the last one as a template.

Discussion in 'Applications' started by davidcr, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. davidcr

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    Username: (davidcr)

    Date Joined: (January, 2018)

    Time Played: (The statistics menu reads around 1656 hrs.)

    Age: (Older than 22.)

    Rank(s): (Guardian)

    Position: (SS Team)

    Timezone: (GMT -6)

    Past Punishments: (Nothing recent on the last 3 weeks, maybe a few warnings for black humor or edgy jokes and funny weapon names)

    About: (Nothing relevant or new to say, I've recently taken an interest in cryptography and digital forensics so I'm trying to learn a bit of it by using any resource I'm able to find online)

    Reason: (Basically the same reason as before).

    Experience: (No, this would be a first time. I am however a little experienced already in the use of tools for digital forensics, for example to recover files after they have been deleted from the bin, as well as being quite familiar with techniques used to hide or disguise files. Also, this time I had already made a pair of screenshares successfully, when I was allowed by the user to do it of course. For more details feel free to ask me in private because I'm afraid discussing a lot here would affect the chances of users allowing me to check their PCs)

    Server: (Invasion)

    Discord: (davidcr#6399)

    Additional Comments: (Regardless of the result of this application. Staff, try to be online a bit more next map, this whole thing is turning into a mess. Oh, but try to relax a bit too, sometimes insulting or going out of the rail can be good for players. Let them release some steam.)

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  6. cp12cwp

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    +1. Afaik you are not bias and going from your app, your experience you would make a great Screen Sharer.
  7. dizzyy

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    Racist. -1 very toxic racist player who also chat bypasses alot when staff are not around, also david why do you lie to new players? Still after a ban i think it was or something your still at it. " You need to pay Jamm $200 for swords " yeah nice one, ez -1 pls no accept
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  8. cp12cwp

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    Had to highlight that to see it xD
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    +1 Good Memes

    Nice guy tho and fun to talk to

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