The Story of The Legendary Mystical Walrus.

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  1. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Once upon a time. There was a group of Walrus's in the sea. Their names were KolaheDemon, Moka, MightyNutella, Fedora_Fox and Atharva. They roamed the sea in search of a Walrus to look up to. To guide them. To help them survive in the depths of the realm known as ConspiracyCraft. 1 day they discovered a magical duck..what they could make of this ducks way of communication was quite limited. "Name...Ziyadk, Ziyadk help Walroos". They were confused then they found out this ducky could read their minds. This ducky sent each Walrus on a mystical quest to use the sea to find specific materials. Coral, Seaweed, pearls, clams, and more. After several months to return they didn't expect the duck would still be waiting...but it was, this duck was ingraving a design into a purple stone. It looked like an altar. These walrus's stood on circles around the altar with their names ingraved. The duck put its hands together and concentrated extremely hard. You could feel it's concentration. After many hours they lay in the altar but the Duck named Ziyadk was still going at it. Eventually they heard a voice...this voice was extremely majestic and it was quickly being muffled from the sound of the wind. A bright light appeared above the duck and the duck pounced away as fast as duckingly possible. It barely made it as the stone cracked of the weight of the creature that was summoned. It appeared to be an elephant arfed one of the Walrus. The wind came to a halt. I am no elephant! I am the almighty Walrus! Ancient! Existent since the beginnings of time! I have been summoned to teach you the ways of a true mightyful Walrus! We shall work together and create peace in the depths of the sea! Come my companions. We will now be known as... #WalrusGang. Said the Walrus known as cp12cwp. How could this be? He is a legend! A myth! No this can't be true...but it was. This Walrus led them through War and this team is a this story true? Some proclaim they have seen the team roam the seas. Will we ever know? Is it true? I know I would like to know.

    Please post any sightings of this clan if seen below. They are heard to have magical Walrus Farts!!! Don't get caught as we do not know if these farts are lethal!
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  2. I feel betrayed since I was a walrus and no mention of meh `to be fair I am not anymore`
  3. but as always +1 for the story writing
  4. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Well you may have joined a later after the story which would change the fact you weren't in the story
  5. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Thank you
  6. ohh I got it
  7. xdCyanide

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  8. Ziyadk

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    Little did they know that the psyduck is up for no good
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  9. gaenotch21

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    Then they all died in a pit.
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  10. MightyNutella

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