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    My name is DarthFather, an eager Builder and PvP Enthusiast. I never really made a player introduction, so here it is! I'm a boy from Greece who likes to play all sorts of games with good company. I mostly play in Survival on Conspiracy Craft as I love how it can be both crowded and quiet at times.

    My favorite games to play are Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch and I've recently gotten into Yu-Gi-Oh! I play and have played these games really intensively and I love spending time with my friends on them. Making new friends along the way is also something I like to do, since I believe I have much to learn from interaction.​

    My most eager builds are my Rustic Mansion, the Item Museum, for which the whole server has contributed, and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Map Art, which is sold as a Souvenir at the Museum! I hope one day I can continue the Yu-Gi-Oh! Map Art and make a full Exodia, as well as make a little graphic Rustic Village.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you'd pose me!

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