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Discussion in 'General' started by Darth Father, May 15, 2019.

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    For some time, it is speculated to have existed two special Bosses in Survival since Map 4 that didn't make the cut. Those were the Grauzen & Eternace bosses. Nobody knows much about them, but one thing is for sure: they dropped their respected Armor. Through community contributions, the Item Museum has restored the full Eternace set and half of the Grauzen (Boots & Leggings).
    This post's purpose is to raise awareness of the rarity of these items. Additionally, if you possess the Grauzen Chestplate & Helmet, please contact the museum administration with /mail DarthFather0379. I'd be more than glad to negotiate over a reasonable price.

    Additionally, to check the Museum Application and/or give feedback. click here.
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    The item museum has full support of chicken nation And should be saved when the map zeros . It is a cultural landmark .
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