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    Hi all! I hope you're having a great day. It has been quite a while now since we began working on Map 17 and you guys deserve to get some updates on how everything is going. So far, there has been an enormous amount of time spent on this map, and I'm confident that it will be a turning point for us.


    We've been in the creative process since early March. @Justugh has put a lot of work into the coding side and I've been doing the game design, and most of the building. It's a lot of work for a small team, so thank you for being patient.

    As of today, we are about 90% complete with the level design and are in the midst of the content and gameplay development phase. Custom enchants are making a return, but they will have our own flare to them of course. My main goal with this map is to just create a better experience, through and through. On map 16, we went the route of less grind, but a lower barier to entry pvp, and it resulted in you guys running out of things to do very quickly. CC has always been a sort of grindy server, so we decided to stick to that lane and improve on that aspect. If I had to gauge our progress as a whole for being finished, and ready to release the game, I would say it's around 75% completed. We're going to reserve a lot of time to beta testing to ensure it is as good as it can be before a release.

    As I said in the Community Update post, we will not be releasing any dates until everything is 100% completed. As soon as there are official dates, you guys will be made well aware.


    Apart from that, we have created a quest system that allows both players and factions to complete quests and accumulate quest points. There is a scoreboard for these points, and the points are also used for unlocking higher tier quests. This is much better than having them all just there for completing, because then there would be no incentive for completing the lower level ones other than just because they are easier. Quests add much more depth to the gamemode and will give you guys a lot more to do and accomplish. This system also allows for us to teach new players how our game works, just by completing quests.


    Classes are receiving some attention as well. Something most of you have wanted is a more in-depth and meaningful class system that actually impacts gameplay. It should be balanced, but each class should have a different play-style available to them so that their strategies are different from one another. We're going to do our best to provide this in the most natural way possible.


    The traditional way of grinding on faction servers is getting pretty stale. We are aiming to change that. If grinding is more enjoyable and rewarding, it would be more worth doing. New players on faction servers are normally forced to either farm crops or try to scrap together some spawners for a grinder they can build on. It's gotten very repetitive. I believe it would be more enjoyable to have a variety of things you can do to progress in the game, such as PVE. It should be possible to build up some wealth and power without having an enormous base.

    "OP" Enchants

    As controversial as it may be, we are retiring prot 10 and sharp 11. We're going back to p4/s5. Donor kits will be adjusted appropriately to compensate for this change, but it is for the better. Sharp 11 and p10 just throw a lot of the natural balancing of CE's and McMMO out of the window completely and for that reason I think it's a pointless battle to fight. As long as the pvp gameplay is epic and not pot-pvp based, it will be fun. It's less overwhelming for new players to only need p4/s5 to start building a CE set with as opposed to having to get p10 and CE's on top of that. I can assure you there will be long and amazing battles. :)

    Level Design

    I have put a lot of focus on the level design of this map. Using a lot of the new knowledge I've acquired from my self education of design this year, it has turned out pretty great. The warzone looks fantastic and allows for more strategic styles of gameplay. The spawn looks a lot better and more detailed as well, and you can even explore around it now instead of being locked in. Ultimately, it feels more like a completely new and intriguing world to be immersed in, which seems to be great progress from last map.


    This is was taken in by the main ravine in the warzone. As you can see, those two towers have a bridge going between them. We've tried to make the landscape more diverse and populated, so it is less flat and boring.

    In the distance, a nice little house tucked away behind a couple trees.

    Deep in the back of the warzone village, lies this KoTH. It's a "sacred" place..

    As I mentioned before how you can explore the outside of spawn, this was taken out there. It's not part of the warzone though, it's just part of the landscape!

    Dungeons & PvE

    As you may have seen in my meme on Twitter a couple weeks ago, we have been working on Dungeon concepts. These are much more complex than something like a Mob Arena and they most likely will not be released at the start of the map. However, it IS planned and will be a thing eventually. I've been studying dungeon design and we've found a boss designer that will aid us in creating challenging, team-based pve experiences.


    This is a sketch I did a couple weeks ago in preparation for creating our first dungeon. Each bubble represents a room, connected by a pathway, eventually leading to a final boss. I'm pretty excited to start working on this!

    We will likely release with some sort of Mob Arena that will make it easier to start making money and grind as a new players. It would just be temporary until we're able to release the first Dungeon.

    Developer Note

    Justugh wanted to note that he has been working hard on this map and that if you guys have any suggestions at all, to contact him on Discord.

    I am satisfied with our progress so far and the work we've put in, but there's still a long way to go before we're 100% ready to release. I apologize that our map resets have been taking so long the past couple maps, but we're actively working to expand our team so we can get much more done in much less time in the future. This will be our very first release that will have a trailer before the actual start of the world, and I want to make sure it lives up to the hype. There will probably be at least one more of these posts before the release, so be sure to check the forums often!

    ~The CC Team

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    What about the gapple cooldown? A main problem with this map was extremely long fights and people consistently chugging gapples, making fights based on who has more god apples rather than skill. Will the gapple cooldown be adjusted/kept?
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    I agree on this one
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    I might talk about this in the next post once we've done more combat testing. Talking about it in general is almost pointless when you guys don't have the context of how the combat even is on the next map.
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    Will you give us a list of ce’s that will be in the map?
  7. Goazart

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    No, and they aren't done yet anyway.
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    rip using p11 as the only way to win in fights, guess im not winning any more pvp battles... oof
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    If you need an enchant to win fights then you're not a pro :rolleyes:
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    Man, can't wait for this to come out!
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    well donators will ofc get some advantages cuz they paid really money
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    an actual Faction?
    or a OP faction?
    maybe make two server for
    faction and op faction
    that will be great
    and pls make it more balance cause
    p10 is fking disgusting
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    +1 and a yeeeeeeeettttttt from me
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    never said I was lol im the self-proclaimed worst player
  20. Looks fun gl to everyone who plays

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