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    Hey guys!

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I come bearing good news: today marks the official return of the Community Update! As of right now, there is no set interval in which these will be posted, so they will just be created when there are enough important things to address to all of you. There's a lot going on right now and I think you guys would love to be kept in the loop more as long as it doesn't slow us down too much. Let's begin with Survival.

    Survival: The rebirth

    We have had a pretty great start of the year for Survival. The average player count has been steadily increasing, and that is a great sign. It's quite impressive that Survival is still doing well this far into the map, but we know that you guys are waiting for the big update, 1.13 of course.

    There's a dilemma though, due to the 1.14 release. Since 1.14 has is now public, we've tested our Core on Development versions of Spigot and it actually had no issues that we've found so far. I think that it would be best for us to just shoot for a reset and update to 1.14 all in one go. We could continue to update Survival to 1.13 but it would really be a challenge to do such a major update, and then do a reset following not far behind. It doesn't make sense to me.

    As long as you guys are okay with this, I would like to postpone any version update until we reset and become 1.14, which doesn't necessarily mean it will take longer. We've got a lot planned including things such as an epic Guild system, Quests and challenging Dungeons. Our long term goal for Survival is to take all of the aspects that you enjoyed from Mysteria and bring them to Survival in the most efficient, and enjoyable way possible. A big world with a story is cool, but it's a whole lot of work to do when I think most of you just want the things the world provided: more things to grind, awesome monsters to defeat and quests to conquer. That is what we want to provide, and on the latest version of the game!

    Invasion: The next chapter

    We've been hard at work on the next Factions map. We're looking to have things wrapped up this month. That doesn't necessarily mean the reset will be this month (although it is possible), but it is definitely approaching. More than anything I want to just create a map that is embraced and thoroughly enjoyed by you guys, whatever the cost.

    As you may have seen on one of our polls in Discord, we're going back to a medieval style. That was what we were originally, but over time, I tried molding the server to fit the server name, which to me sounds quite science fiction based. I began to realize with the last map of Invasion that creating those kinds themes in Minecraft don't really make sense, considering none of the items really fit that theme. It makes it feel forced and unnatural.

    In my view, Invasion has had three main contributing factors that lead to the state it is in currently: lack of content, cheaters and software issues. By software issues, I'm talking about the problems with our code that allow for some of the exploits that happened this map to happen. From here on out, we are not going to be releasing a map until it has been tested more than enough. That has usually been the grounds upon other releases, but we have wound up having to run around on the last few days still working trying to meet a deadline in past maps. I will not subject the next map or future maps to the same fate. If the date has to be re-scheduled, or held off until everything is 100% completed and tested rigorously, then I think you guys would appreciate the wait.

    Another problem with Invasion is just the amount of time it takes to get things completed, including the resets. I am honestly doing all that I can right now to improve this and look forward to being able to hire more developers in the future to increase our output tremendously. In the future, if a few bugs pop up, we will close the server until they are fixed, as long as they are things we can properly fix in a short time frame.

    I will be posting a Map 17 development blog in the next few days to give everyone insight to our process and progress on the game. So far, we have let a few players come and check some things out and give their opinions, and we've received some very positive feedback. We will continue to let interested and trustworthy players join for short beta tests and tours so we can help ensure the quality of the release. Just hit me up.

    Team Improvements

    This is an area we have been lacking in on CC for quite some time. We've been making adjustments and changing our process to expand upon and improve our team. You can have a great server, but if the team behind it isn't the best it can be, the server will suffer because of it.

    In the past month, we have added several new Trial Helpers to the team, who have since become Helpers. Giving someone we're pretty confident in a rank for a week or two and seeing how they do is a much more efficient process than the mess that Trusted was. Trusted wasted both our time and the applicants.

    Invasion is still lacking big time since it has not gotten any new additions in the last while. I believe this will change next map, so we are going to just keep doing our thing and trust that we will attract more high quality applicants by just providing high quality, unique servers. It's simple really.

    Over the past month, we have begun having Team Meetings every week or two. It's become a great way to improve faster and become more organized as a whole. In the past, we have not voice chatted much with each other and that is changing. It's been a lot more productive to have voice chats among each other to express our thoughts and solutions in a clear and concise manner.

    Of all of the new roles we added in our application section earlier last month, we have filled two of them. We now have a YAML Developer who is creating our epic new bosses, and a Web Developer who will be tasked with creating us a new and improved website quite soon!

    Store Changes

    This is a bit of a last minute change that I've wanted to do for a while. We have adjusted our prices for ranks in the store to be more affordable for the average player. I noticed a lot of you started to just wait for sales and buy a whole lot, so I have lowered the prices, and we will just not do as big of sales anymore. It's a win win! Click here to visit the store and see the changes.

    Welp, this concludes our first Community Update of 2019! I look forward to informing you guys on what's going on behind the scenes more frequently. If there's time, I would love to do these at least once a month for the time being. Thank you guys for sticking with us and supporting our development. This means a lot to me and I am finally in a great state of mind capable of growth and improvement. I hope our efforts are beginning to reflect that! :)


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    Woooo! Nicee! +1
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    New factions map is taking it's time O_O I can tell it's gonna be a good one!
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    Yas finally thethe dungeons i asked for since map 3
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    We Should Wait For 1.14.1/2 because current Version got some issues like Loading Chunks
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    Hype ;)
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    Hype hype hype
    I bet the new Invasion map will be a good one
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    Take all the time you need.
    As long as Map 17 is astounding I'm all for the wait.
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    finally removed trusted that was just useless.
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    I'd like to see 1.14 on the server but as long as it is stable. And please have all the blocks connect properly :p
    I would also like to see the new map coming within a few months but that doesn't really cooperate with 1.14, so as long as this next map is good, I'll wait for village and pillage.

    Also I use an iPad to visit the store so idk if it's just me but when I go to click on Survival Ranks it send me over to Invasoin Keys so... if I'm not the only one having this issue maybe it could be fixed.
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    take your time for survival and don't rush it and we are all hype it here :3 <3 good luck guys
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    ahhhhh, can't wait until factions reset, as mentioned may not reset this month but it is soon.
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    Waiting for that reset like waiting for Christmas.
    Do you have more info about that guild syst ? What will be different from party ? Better claim sharing / management would be great, along with a in guild rank system giving claim perm, access perm, guild recruitement and such
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  19. hyppppe! I AM soooo excited !!
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    Jinbu hype

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