Valor and Ishigami's Shop License Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Valor, May 5, 2019.

  1. Valor

    Valor Fresh Spawn

    Shop Owners Username (2 Owners): Valor and Ishigami

    » Valor- McMMO:[III] and Ishigami- McMMO:[IV]
    » Donor: Valor-
    [Architect] and Ishigami- [Builder]

    Shop Coordinates:

    XYZ: 5296.791/16.00000/6192.101
    Shop is below the ocean bed (underground).

    Expected Tag: &9/warp MCart

    I (Valor) will pay for shops menu placement, 1 tag, warp etc.
    Ishigami will pay 125,000 for his lisence.

    Expected Products And Services:
    Potions. (Coming Soon)
    » Wood.
    » Concrete Powder (All Colors)
    » Terracotta (All Colors)
    » Ores, Coal, Flint
    » Nether Teleportation.
    » Guardian Grinder.
    » Open Mob grinder.
    » Minerals, Sand, Gravel etc.
    » Enchantment Table.
    » General Crops.
    » Food.
    »Armor and weapons.
    »Mob Drops (Bones, Blaze rods, Spider eye etc.)
    » Sea products
    » Stone products

    ..::And more products Coming Soon!::..

    ss1.png ss3.png ss2.png
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  2. Sayori

    Sayori Member

    +1, FYI: Only the application maker pays the 500k, others pay 125k for the tag.
    Also if you have no custom tag, u cant have other colors in the /tag
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  3. Valor

    Valor Fresh Spawn

    Ah thanks i am still new to this :)
  4. Sayori

    Sayori Member

    No problem my friend!
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  5. Knight21

    Knight21 Fresh Spawn

  6. Valor

    Valor Fresh Spawn

    Thank you :)
  7. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    +150935905353 we need more shops since warp paris is dead and has bad owners!
  8. Sayori

    Sayori Member

    agreed lmao I'm gonna quit paris :v
  9. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Gl +1
  10. panagiotis4

    panagiotis4 Fresh Spawn

    dont be toxic
  11. panagiotis4

    panagiotis4 Fresh Spawn

    niceee +1
  12. Valor

    Valor Fresh Spawn

    Thank you ^-^
  13. Valor

    Valor Fresh Spawn

    Thanks :)
  14. BulletIR

    BulletIR Member

    GL I'll give positive opinion
  15. Valor

    Valor Fresh Spawn

    Thanks Bullet :D
  16. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    Im not being toxic its true
  17. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    +1 gg super shop
  18. Valor

    Valor Fresh Spawn

    Thanks mate
  19. Heistlaag

    Heistlaag Fresh Spawn

    +1 Me gusta !
  20. Valor

    Valor Fresh Spawn

    Thank you Hesitlaag :)

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