A Hacker And Teamer

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Freddy2, May 4, 2019.

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    Yesterday on the 3rd of may, a hacker named Klutch joined the faction 'cows' and as xxelitegamerxxv2 was online he was working with him / teaming with him to kill me and a few others at koth. Klutch was using blatant reach and getting kicked constantly. If you don't believe me ask one of the people online such as darkassasin (Panda). I don't have actual evidence of the fact that elite was teaming but many players online will support this as they saw it happen. They may even have video footage. I have footage of a duel with klutch ending in like 2 seconds as he got kicked.

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    Klutch has been banned. I'll look further into Elitegamer teaming with hackers but it most likely won't result in a ban unless he has a strong history of teaming with hackers.

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