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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by lesj0ari, May 3, 2019.

  1. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    2019-05-04_22.55.27.png 2019-05-04_22.55.44.png 2019-05-04_22.56.19.png 2019-05-04_22.56.48.png 2019-05-04_22.57.15.png 2019-05-04_22.57.22.png 2019-05-04_22.57.35.png 2019-05-04_22.57.42.png 2019-05-04_22.58.11.png ] 2019-05-04_22.57.42.png 2019-05-04_22.58.11.png 2019-05-04_22.55.27.png 2019-05-04_22.55.44.png 2019-05-04_22.56.19.png 2019-05-04_22.56.48.png 2019-05-04_22.57.15.png 2019-05-04_22.57.22.png 2019-05-04_22.57.35.png username:lesjoari
    date joined:i dont remeber quite well but i think it was 17/01/2019
    time played:i like this server so much and I've been playing here for almost 4 moths
    shop name>Pirates_cove
    shop coordinates:-4878/80/5911
    shop tag color:Blue
    additions:Thanks to my party for helping {ex-party and new party}
    reason:I wanna open my shop casue I like to see people come to places I've built
    about:I'm 14 years old in 8-th grade I dont like studing or reading (I hate it) but I like playing games especilly Minecraft.What i do in my spare time is go out with friends or play games on my PC or PS4

    Also i like to open meteorites while invisble even though in /spawn
    Thanks for your time and thanks for reading:):)

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  2. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Screenshots please

    Also it looks like you put absolutely no work into this application
  3. zNutorius

    zNutorius Active Member

    He had applied before and even Sami gave up explaining him how an application works. Fair to say he has given up too, at this point.
  4. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    That was a missunderstanding zNutorious and cp12cwp i stayed almost 1 hour trying to prepare this application
  5. enko_7

    enko_7 Fresh Spawn

    Ari i like your shop a lot and i like your application.I hope this application gets accepted because it would make a great shop. download.jpg
  6. enko_7

    enko_7 Fresh Spawn

    Good luck
  7. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    Enko_7 thanks a lot i wish u luck with your application too (no need for emoji thought)
  8. good luck on that joa
  9. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    Thanks ralsei good luck to u too
  10. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    -1 I don't exactly share opinions with CP but he's right - You put little to no work into your application.

    I have a computer that typically runs Minecraft at around ~60-100 fps, but due to your clear overrage of item frames I was reduced to a slow 18 frames per second. I later tried to warn you that your application would be denied simply due to the overrage of item frames (The limit is 50, you put maybe five times that restriction) but you ignored and even yelled me when I was just trying to help you out. Other than your pathetic application, your scattercaristic use of item frames, and your downright disrespect to other players like myself, your shop has a shot at the big one. But for now, It's a -1.
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  11. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

  12. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    Thanks a lot Rex i appreaciate it
  13. glendesousa28

    glendesousa28 Fresh Spawn

    I've seen your shop. Its actually one of the prettiest shops on the server. I think the looks will be a key asset to your revenue. It also seems like you really want the license hence the countless times you've improved your application. That's all I have to say, Good luck.
  14. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    Thanks a lot Glendesusa i really appreaciate it
  15. gaenotch21

    gaenotch21 Active Member

    +1 nice decorations
  16. Dannyster139

    Dannyster139 Member

    Looks pretty nice +1
  17. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    Thanks a lot gaenotch i appreaciate it
    Dannyster thanks a lot
  18. Hinazuki

    Hinazuki Fresh Spawn

    +1 I like the design c: ( I spent literally without exageration 3 hours explaining to him how to post on the forum so please accept this I don't want my effort to go in vain ;-; . )
  19. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    Now that I've seen you have updated your application. +1
  20. lesj0ari

    lesj0ari Member

    Hina thanks (u didnt have to say that)

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