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Nature Build Event: Winners!

Discussion in 'News' started by Jamm, May 3, 2019.

  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member


    Hi, Survivalists!

    The Nature Build Event judging has came to an end. Everyone has submitted their projects and we have voted on the winners! We had a total of 5 submissions for this one, which is rather low, but there were some good submissions nonetheless.. Let's get into it!

    First place goes too..

    DIMISS10 & KingRayven's "Mythical Tree"!
    1st Place


    Dimiss and KingRayven have taken the W this time around, but it was very close! The Mythical Tree tells a story of an ancient tree with magical fruits that give infinite wisdom and powers. Luckily the tree was used for good, rather than evil.

    And now for second place..

    Cluster21's "Legendary Forbidden Island"!
    2nd Place


    Nice job Cluster! This was my personal favorite, but it did not win. These islands tell a tale of miners who encountered an earth quake which resulted in being trapped in the sky.. I wonder what happened to them? o_O

    And last but not least, we have third place..

    WolfScreamYTG & Fedora_Fox's
    "Sakura Sanctimony"

    3rd Place


    Congrats on third place! Here's their poem that went along with the build:
    "Spring Is In The Empty Mist
    Cherry Blossoms Are Out In Sour Bloom
    Birds Are Happily Chirping Away"

    GG, and thanks for participating!
    Are you a winner? You can contact me here or on Discord for your reward!

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  2. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member


    DIMISS Member

  4. WolfScreamYTG

    WolfScreamYTG Member

  5. xMetu

    xMetu Active Member

    GG everyone who participated
  6. Sayori

    Sayori Member

  7. zNutorius

    zNutorius Active Member

    GG to everyone! :)
  8. OzzyGaming

    OzzyGaming Member

    i see some nice builds. congratulations to the winners!
  9. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

  10. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    1st what?
  11. KingR4yv3n

    KingR4yv3n Member

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