Creeper Drops

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Sinzahh, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Sinzahh

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    I have done an experiment on 30 mil worth of creeper spawners to see as to how much tnt I could farm in an hour and the results in my opinion are absolutely ridiculous. I used a Looting 2 weapon and grinded the creepers only to come out with 7 stacks of tnt which compared to the time is an absolute waste. Don't get me wrong The IG's and other mob drops are great but I feel that the creepers should drop more tnt and no gunpowder because most cannons used these days take approximately 1000 tnt per shot. I think the virtual tnt storage is amazing as I went above 100k tnt and didn't get capped so thats great and the tntfill commands are amazing as well I just hope that there could be a change to the amount of tnt that is dropped by creepers.
  2. You're suppose to set them up in a drop grinder, grinding creepers that way is stupid as you are capped depending on how fast you click.

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