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Discussion in 'Factions' started by EXPERT1970, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. EXPERT1970

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    since i quit(start of this map) i havent seen a single person that i recognize apart from few when i revisit some times.
    this means that old players barely play anymore because of normal reasons(getting bored cuz of playing for a long time) but i am seeing this server gaining more players which is good because a new generation of cc is being created k bye
  2. itSoul

    itSoul Member

    New generation of bots
  3. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    What is that even supposed to mean?

    Bots are fake players. There are no fake players on CC.
  4. itSoul

    itSoul Member

    A gaming terminology mostly used in fortnite to describe noobs or inexperienced players
  5. itSoul

    itSoul Member

    Every single time i log on the server and jump into warp pvp I get these new randos with ranks shifting and begging me not to kill them which is not fun at all. Of course I don't kill them because then they would probably cry and quit which is not good for the server knowning that the playerbase is still going downhill and also I do not have any interest in the future of this server anymore
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  6. xSliceYT

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    lets make aLoe!
  7. dizzyy

    dizzyy Member

    ummm. maybe join back more often??
  8. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

    this is an old thread "april 20"

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