Banned on survival (globally too)

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by bLueee, Apr 17, 2019.

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  1. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

    Username: Blue

    Punished by: hewitt

    Server: survival aka globally can't log on to factions!

    Date punished: 2019-04-16

    Punishment type: Ban

    Punishment length: 2d 11hours 57m

    Reason: Tp trapping

    Plea: I wasn't tp trapping me and danny was having fun we did it on our friends and as soon as they died we gave there stuff back and we were just having fun
  2. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    Keep him perm banned!
  3. WolfScreamYTG

    WolfScreamYTG Helper Staff Member

    Nice thing below the app.
  4. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

  5. gaenotch21

    gaenotch21 Member

    this is what happens when you do stupid shit in survivals :p
  6. gaenotch21

    gaenotch21 Member

    plus 1 we fuck around alot, most of us dont mind it
  7. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    If your friends and you plan on staying on Survival for much longer i'd recommend abiding by our rules.

    You are staying globally banned, you will not learn from a punishment if it is handed to you on a golden platter.

    [21:25:21] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [/Warp #Murica] [VI] dan » I'll try it
    [21:25:24] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [VIP] [Builder] dannyster139 » lol
    [21:25:26] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [VIP] [Builder] dannyster139 » o no
    [21:25:34] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [Warlord] bLue » it's a trampelene
    [21:25:35] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [VIP] [Builder] dannyster139 » oof
    [21:25:37] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [Warlord] bLue » no staff allowed

    You were aware what you were doing was wrong, you specifically stated staff wasn't allowed to test your "trampoline", i'm pretty sure you can handle waiting three days.

  8. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

    How about dani should release more then 1 log we even said it’s for fun and doing it with friends
  9. itSoul

    itSoul Member

    Good bye sir
  10. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

  11. Kmo

    Kmo Active Member

    i k e s
  12. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

    i would like to talk to a higher staff member or more iq then hew so @Sami_Darkangel
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