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Would you be interested in seeing and/or contributing to the Item Museum?

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  1. Darth Father

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    I am DarthFather, a player on the server since Map 4 and since when I joined. When I first joined the server, I was with a friend just looking to play Minecraft on a summer evening, Never could I have imagined that I'd be sticking on with this server for so long. Its sense of community and interest from its developers and administrators had me mesmerized, however one thing that stood up to me was the plethora of unique rare items, every of which seemed to have its own story to tell. After getting Architect and having completed a few pieces of work, I'd like to openly present my new project, the public Item Museum!

    The Item Museum is to contain every single rare item I've come across, organized nicely into sections and categories. Items may vary from Boss Armor Sets and Weapons to Loot from Mysteria Items and even some popular player items (Such as Goazart's Head :D). But it doesn't stop there, the museum holds many items that have been unheard by many players, so it still does contain surprises for the veterans.

    The Museum is planned to be a /shop and it will include a gift shop, which could possibly give out some essential items and souvenirs to the visitors, though this is a matter I have yet to discuss with the staff. Please note that I've come in contact with some of the staff members and they encouraged the concept of the museum.

    However, as many the wonders of the museum as they are, I cannot promise you but to make an attempt on recovering as much of the server's history as I'll be able to collect. That's where you come in. I won't be asking but your overall vote of confidence on this project, however, if you'd like to help directly, you could /mail me about an item in your possession that you believe is worth to be on the museum's walls, or even better take a picture and post it here. In case you want to donate an item or items and you've contacted me, you will be able to ask for your item back at any time, though I'd suggest waiting until the museum's doors are open so that you can sleep quietly knowing your item is safe.

    As I said, I'd appreciate if you posted pictures of items you'd like to be featured in the museum! There will be a Hall of Fame for the donators featuring their names and the item they've donated. Additionally, I would be eager to purchase any item I'd see a good price on for the purpose of the museum, though the museum budget is not the highest on the server, however compensation upon item delivery is generally encouraged.

    I will also include some of the items soon to be in the museum, though I don't want to spill the beans to my best pieces. If you're interested, be sure to comment! I'd be glad to discuss anything!
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  2. gaenotch21

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  3. Hewittassassin29

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    Goazart's Head

    Bountied and killed by yours truly ;P
  4. Darth Father

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    Sure, I'd be glad to have you contribute to the museum

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