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Discussion in 'Denied' started by EvolvedTV, Apr 11, 2019.

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  1. EvolvedTV

    EvolvedTV Fresh Spawn

    Welcome!, thanks in advance for taking the time out of your day to view my “Community Manager” application.
    Disclaimer: Keep this post to the topic, thanks.

    Username: EvolvedTV

    Date Joined: Late 2015/Early 2016 under old accounts of course. March 14th I joined via this new account.

    Time Played: Under all my accounts combined honestly probably a year (give or take a little) of actual playtime, but since i’ve joined on this account i’d say at the most 150hrs.

    Age: 18.

    Rank(s): Mcmmo: Cyborg5, Donor: Warlord.

    Position: Community Manager.

    Timezone: Central Daylight Time (CDT)

    Past Punishments: To my knowledge i’ve never actually been punished for anything besides maybe a mute once, or maybe to prevent someone using an old account of mine.

    About: Honestly i’m just a simple man, trying to make the most out of this weird thing called life. I’m 18 (2 Months from 19), so i graduated high-school couple months back, and i’ve been mainly working, and hanging out with friends whenever possible. Outside of the “work, eat, sleep repeat grind” i enjoy reading both historical novels, and fictional fantasy based novels, as-well as attempting to write such novels. I enjoy coding/programming, and i’m actually currently in development of a 3 different platforms (1 similar to Spotify/Apple-Music, 1 similar to YouTube/Twitch, and 1 similar to Discord/Skype), but i also enjoy messing around with Minecraft code as-well to create some plugins. I’ve become very interested in Business especially over the last few years, and am currently pursuing the creation of a few businesses, and obviously i do enjoy gaming/media/music, and am actively involved in all 3 of those genres (playing games, creating/watching content, and making music). I’m sure i missed some hobbies, but oh well there isn’t much in this world that i don’t actually enjoy, same thing could be said for people i typically get along with almost anyone.

    Reason: Well in short, being a help to anyone/everyone, or anything/everything i can has always meant something to me, it’s actually what got me through a lot of tough years; Just being able to help/assist not only people, but situations in whatever way possible, obviously ConspiracyCraft is no different in that sense.. In fact i’d go as far as to to say that ConspiracyCraft actually means a lot more, because this is a community i’ve been in for a very long time, seeing both its ups and downs, and having the privilege of knowing a lot of people here, and befriending them, and obviously being a part of the staff team before only made my bond with this community stronger, and it was something that i really enjoyed, in a time when i didn’t enjoy a lot of things. Besides my love for helping people, i really just feel like i could be of service to this community, and would love to help shape it now, and for years to come.. It’s no secret that community involvement is a big thing in any industry really.. Being able to have connections with your customers/players/etc is a great, and much needed thing, and i feel like at least currently ConspiracyCraft kind of lacks that, and me being the community driven guy i am, i’d love to step in, and do anything i can.

    Experience: Apart from being an old staff member on ConspiracyCraft, and some other server of course i wouldn’t say i had a lot of in-game experience, rather in-real-life experience, i’ve always had a knack for organization, managing, community involvement, etc, and being a manager in 3+ departments of my job definitely doesn’t hurt. Besides that just being in touch with the community, obviously playing 6+ hours a day, will allow you to connect more with the players on the server, etc.

    Server: Factions/Invasion

    Discord: Zach (Evolved)#1442

    Additional Comments: Actually yes, i’d just like to talk a little bit about the position i’m applying for, the goals i would have (big/small), and possible questions/requests.

    What you can expect from me:

    First off as a “Community Manager” i’d like to talk about what you COULD expect from me. My idea of assisting with community management here on ConspiracyCraft would be to make sure i’m as engaged with you guys as much as i can be, on all ConspiracyCraft platforms (Server/Discord/Forums). You could expect that i’d be on everyday for at least 4-6+ hours, idling in public Discord voice channels, as well as just talking to you guys in text chat both on Discord, and the Server. You could also expect events, events are a big thing to me, and i would want to give you guys as much content as possible without ruining the eco of course, so to get more into events i’d love to be able to host weekly events such as build battles/ctf/lms/wars/custom battle royales/red-rover/koth events/dungeon(boss) events/sudo events/raid events/parkour events/many more. Aside from in-game stuff you guys could expect me to be pretty active on the forums keeping you guys all up to date on events/schedules, maybe even some ways you guys could help, and get behind the scenes access.


    I would love to take the “Community Manager” rank, and really turn it into a massive team someday where a few of us work side by side, with builders, and even some gameplay designers to help not only develop great events for you guys, but maybe even additional gamemodes once we get the server back up and kicking butt/chewing bubble gum.

    “Requests”: There aren’t really requests too be honest, rather just things i’d like to do at some point if i get accepted, which is mainly just work close with Jamm, the build team, and any gameplay designers on event designs, maybe future plugins, etc.

    That pretty much wraps things up, once again thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out my interest in being a part of this team, and here’s to hopefully working with you guys soon :D. Have a great day, and message me anytime on Discord/Server/Site under EvolvedTV, or my disc name if anybody from the community needs anything!
  2. xdCyanide

    xdCyanide Mod Staff Member

    I really liked the application, not only because it was really nice to read, but it truly seems like you put your time and effort into it.
  3. EvolvedTV

    EvolvedTV Fresh Spawn

    Thanks for your kind words <3.
  4. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

    holy shit +1
  5. I would love to +1 this app. But I feel like you do not understand the gamemode of factions enough to become a community manager on the invasion server. I suggest that you spend more time learning about factions and gaining more ingame expirence so you can make the best choices that a community manger should make. At this current time I am neutral, but if you show evidence of learning the gamemode I will happily support you're application. Perhaps in the mean time apply for helper and see where it goes from there?
  6. itSoul

    itSoul Member

    Good effort +1
  7. EvolvedTV

    EvolvedTV Fresh Spawn


    Thanks for your input i'm an og factions player, I probably should have mentioned that, regardless i will heed your advice.

  8. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    +1 for being gey
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  9. EvolvedTV

    EvolvedTV Fresh Spawn

  10. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    +1 seems like a nice guy
  11. Ryan/Bionic

    Ryan/Bionic Active Member

    1+ really nice guy
  12. gaenotch21

    gaenotch21 Member

    +1 pretty cool dude , be a bit on more tho
  13. Kmo

    Kmo Active Member

    wait who is this?
  14. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    +1 you are optimistic and I feel like you would fit this position nicely
  15. EvolvedTV

    EvolvedTV Fresh Spawn

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I appreciate it.
  16. KingR4yv3n

    KingR4yv3n Build Team Staff Member

    Wow great apply, solid+1 from me
  17. Unikitty

    Unikitty Fresh Spawn

    Wow Great Application Seems Like Your A Really Mature Guy +1 From Me
  18. Unikitty

    Unikitty Fresh Spawn

    Thats A Little Rude
  19. SSGSSVegetto

    SSGSSVegetto Member

    +1 cuz u sucked me last night and i give you great wood
  20. OMG that`s a godly app if I seen one . I dont know you cus I play surv but from what I read and saw you seem more then worthy for it.
    I look forward to seeing you part of staff GIANT +1
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